Without honour, you have nothing.

What are you hiding behind?

Your spouse?

Your kids?

Your job title?

Your bank balance?




What are you using as your socially approved bullshit excuse for NOT showing up fully?

For NOT raising the bar?

For NOT taking a stand for that which truly matters to you?




What is the story you’re telling yourself that makes it a little easier to break your own rules?

What are the handed-down beliefs you cling to that makes it feel a little better knowing that you’re settling for less than brilliant?

What is the label you’ve hung around your neck that excuses you from claiming your badassery?




You have to name it to finally claim it and break the power it holds over you my friend.


Here’s my take:




Plain and simple.

No arguing the fact.


Your potential is unlimited.

Your creative abilities outstanding.

The work you’re here to do, transformational.


Yet, we live in a lottle fucked up time when brilliance is being suppressed,



by the masses who are simply too dumb-ass lazy to do the work.


The real work.


Where you question EVERYTHING.

Not from a space of wanting to be right.

But from a genuine desire to grow, to improve, to expand,

understanding that this is how we bring positive change to the world.


Where you remember who YOU are,

what matters to you,

not to make others wrong,

but to have a solid foundation from which to live in honour.


Where you connect to your DESIRES and have the audacity to bring them to fruition,

without worrying that your win means a loss for another,

knowing that this scarcity mindset is what has so many stuck in pain and poverty.


For you to start living a life of honour,

you have to stop looking around at everyone else,

you have to stop asking for permission,

you have to stop comparing yourself,

you have to stop shaming yourself,

you have to stop blaming others,

you have to stop asking random strangers what they’re working on,

what they’re doing,

what they’re learning,




The only thing that matters in your life,

is YOU!


Why are people so nosy about what everyone else is doing?

Because they have forgotten who they are!

They have abandoned themselves so many years ago,

they don’t know what they like,

what they want,

what they believe,

what they treasure.


So they’re wandering around aimlessly on the internet,

looking for a spark of inspiration,

a moment of clarity,


most think they’re going to find the secret to life on social media.


Constantly signing up for the next training,

the next shiny object,

thinking if they just learn enough steps, techniques, systems,

they will have their break-through,

leading to overnight success.


Chasing an illusion of success as portrayed by others.


Listen Cupcake,

you have to stop learning before you REMEMBER.


Learning random shit is a waste of your precious time and keeps taking you away from iconic results.


THIS is the key to unlocking your thrive.

You have to REMEMBER who YOU are at your core FIRST.

You have to REMEMBER what YOU desire to bring to fruition FIRST.

You have to REMEMBER what YOU value above all at this time FIRST.

You have to REMEMBER what will light YOU up FIRST.


And then,

from this space of KNOWING YOU,

you go and learn the relevant and specific skills which will align you to your own definition of success.


Once you remember,

you’re in the ZONE baby!

You don’t have tolerance to sit around listening to others whining and complaining.

You don’t have any inclination to sit on Facebook and poke or wave at random people.

You don’t have any interest in asking everyone else their goals.


Does this seem selfish?




What society deems selfish,

is SELF!







From which we live a life of integrity and honour.

Without which,

we have fuck-all!


What will it take for you to understand that if you don’t have YOU,

you have nothing?


All the external stuff that you think will bring you joy,

all the polyfilla medication that disconnects you from the power of your emotions,

all the codependent relationships that makes you feel needed,

all the online games you think will bring you adventure and stimulation,

means NOTHING at all as it simply keeps you out of integrity.


Your Soul KNOWS,

and she will not rest whilst you’re off the path.

THAT’S the pain you’re feeling.

THAT’S the exhaustion that has you dragging your feet.


The fact that you’re living a life without honour.

Which means you’re a fucking traitor to yourself.

Which translates into you saying to yourself that

you’re irrelevant,


not enough to take a stand for.


Stop that shit!


Stop signing up for things that crams more into your over-full mind and start claiming time and space for introspection.

Stop making yourself less important than everyone else and start being your first and last priority every day.

Stop dimming yourself to spare the feelings of others.

Choose to be your radiant self,

because you see the strength in others,

and you honour their free will and personal decisions as much as you honour and respect your own.


It’s time to reclaim yourself.

It’s time to return your honour.

It’s time to #RiseAlpha!


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.


Live with honour.


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