Would you like to theorise, or experience thrive?

Now before we get started
I’m going to invite you to leave your high horse in the stable
and take all the triggers bound to come up,
do some introspection from a space of desire for growth,
and then
make a conscious choice of what you want to do going forward.

We appear to be living in a time of
s/he who knows the most names is seen as the sharpest pencil in the box.

And with all due respect,
wisdom is NOT found in the pages of a book, or on social media,
knowledge is.

I love to read as well.
In fact, I do so every single day without fail.
There is something so delicious in diving into the mind of another through their words and experiencing their world for just a moment.
Herein lies the key:
it’s THEIR world,
and the purpose of sharing your world-view
in my opinion
is NOT to dictate the allmighty truth for all and sundry
but to create an opportunity for deeper exploration for others into their own worlds.

Yes, we definitely find similarities as we’re sharing the same planet after all.
But don’t rob yourself of the immense diversity.
Don’t discount your individual experiences, your personal preferences, the impact of your beliefs and thoughts and emotions which all play a part in the kaleidoscope of life.

people seem to think that someone else knows more about their inner workings than they do,
they seek their answers from external sources,
thereby allowing their own experience to be dictated by the latest trend.
The danger in all of this is that trends and ‘facts’ keep changing as ‘the latest research‘ shows,
often leaving people in a constant state of fear because
‘Oh shit,
I did what he said and now he has cancer?
I’m going to DIEEEEEEEEEE!’

Sweetheart, what I want to know,
is what does YOUR research and experience show?

The moment someone starts dropping names,
“Do you know so and so?”
my eyes start rolling and I want to ask,
“No, do you?”
And with this I mean
do you REALLY know them?
Have you spent time with them?
Have you had deeply provocative conversations with them?
Have you immersed yourself into their world?
Then no.

When someone starts with
“According to so and so the truth of the matter is…”
yip, you guessed it,
my eyes start rolling.
What I’m interested in hearing is
“I read XYZ written by ABC, so I went and tested it, I did what they said they did with a keen curiousity to see if I would find the same evidence, and what I experienced was VIOLA!”

NOW you’ve peaked my interest!

I want you to start connecting to the possibility that you didn’t come to this life to validate the truth of others.
You didn’t come to this life to find the latest labels to pin on yourself to somehow make sense of the complexities of you, in the process often taking yourself out of your own game.
You didn’t come to this life to have a reading, you came to have an EXPERIENCE!

Stop agreeing and start questioning.
Stop putting people on pedestals just because they’re standing on stages.
Stop taking ANYTHING as gospel and start testing theories to see what is true for YOU at this time,
understanding as well that as you grow and evolve,
your truth will change!

OMG yes,
YOU are the creator of your experience and you will ALWAYS find evidence for your beliefs.
Which means
as your beliefs change,
so does the evidence.
Mind-blowingly so!
You truly are THAT powerful.

It’s time for Alpha Females to give free reign to the desire for thrive burning inside of them.
The insatiable hunger for MORE.
To share their wisdom by trusting their inner knowing without caring to be right for everyone else,
that’s never been the point in sharing wisdom.
We share so that others may evolve our learning into something even greater for the collective.
It’s time to bring back the courage and pride lacking in our current society as people are hiding behind screens instead of taking their sweet selves out into the world, out into nature, and putting themselves and theories to the test.

Time for your intropsection Darling:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • Why are you reading it?
  • What about that are you bringing into your real life experience, for the purpose of testing the theory, seeing the impact it has on you personally, so that you can integrate it into your well of wisdom?

If you’re reading for the sake of gaining knowledge,
stop it!
The aim of life was never to regurgitate,
it’s all about the experience, the evolution, the change.

For death is inevitable,
thrive comes from free-thinking.

Live with honour and a lottle bad-assery,


Anel is the Instigator of a Thrive Evolution for Alpha Females.

Her work is aimed at empowering women to trust themselves and their intuition, reclaiming their authentic voices, and creating a life they’re madly in love with.

Through enhanced self-love, self-worth and self-confidence they know the satisfaction and pride of a woman who lives unapologetically aligned with her purpose.

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