Written in the buff, under the light of the moon

Todays’ piece is written in the buff,

under the light of the moon.


It might be the power of the full moon,

she is feeling particularly potent this month,

that has me abandon my normal shyness,

allowing me to connect to the crazy a little more.

Who knows…

Who cares…

It feels good and it feels right.

It reminds me that this is why I left corporate all those years ago.

Not that corporate wasn’t fun whilst it was fun.

It was.

But within me,

there was a constant frustration.

A feeling of being in a structure which didn’t allow for my true flow.

For the muse,

to be expressed,

when her voice sounded sweetest in my heart.

I am her devoted slave,

here to obey,

when she desires to be heard.

It’s a role that I am deeply grateful for.

In all transparency though,

it took me a long time to understand the necessity of structure,

for complete flow.

To stop resisting the masculine pieces such as financial spreadsheets, google calendar, opt-ins, and whatever else,

and instead,

to embrace the power of having the creative feminine supported by the masculine.

A concept which is still foreign to so many entrepreneurs.

And don’t get put off by my woo-woo terminology –

this tree hugging, unicorn riding, bunny loving woman

knows how to get shit done!

What I’ve observed is that people are either leaving corporate,

and recreating corporate in their own businesses,

except there’s only one of them,

and they’re burning out left, right and centre.

Or they’re spreading their wings,

daring to do their own thing,

complete rejecting all they’ve known before,

thinking they can laze around all day long,

and then wondering why it’s not working,

why they’re always sweating buckets when it comes to looking at their bank balance.

Lying on the beach,

frantically worrying about how you’re going to pay that next blessing received (what you might still be calling a bill),

is not so relaxing after a while.

Creatives often think that having any form of structure

is going to prohibit the art from coming through.

Alas my friend,

it’s not true.

I’ve found that it’s this beautiful blend of structure and flow,

of taking aligned action and releasing,

of being disciplined AF and living in the moment,

that has resulted in the highest levels of creativity.

I also want to say again though,

the path of the entrepreneur

is not for sissies.

I’m bored listening to people complain about how hard it is.

About how unfair it is that they’ve been in business for six months and still not making millions.

It’s becoming a little tedious hearing people say they don’t have any money

yet they’re not prepared to invest in themselves

they’re not prepared to get over their shit

they’re not willing to get up early

they’re not going to practice

they refuse to do the internal work

they’re not willing to make sales

because somebody said they must stop selling

and it as easier to listen to that person

than getting uncomfortable and having another sales conversation.

And another.

And another.

Taking ten rejections,

or more,

for that sweet yes.

It blows my mind that people are continuously asking for free advise


as if that’s all it’s worth.

Are you kidding me?

Or they think that the cookie-cutter approach is still going to work

in a world that,

thank Thor,

is seeing more and more true artists re-awaken,

daring to burn the boats,

to colour outside the lines,

to blog in the buff.

Because we can.

And because it feels good.

And because it makes us happy.

Plus I know you have a smile on your face by now 😉

Or a frown.

Either works for me.

My point today is this:

if you’re a true artist,

a creative,

an entrepreneur,

what are you resisting that’s constricting the flow?

Are you rejecting the systems thereby floundering around


are you still stuffing your crazy into a suite because you care more about what they will think

than making an impact?

No judgement.

No shame.

Just creating awareness.

And then I would journal on that shit.

I would ask myself what would it feel like to be fully supported in my business and my life?

What would it feel like if I gave myself permission to be the diva,

the most important person in my world,

and have all the structures and people in place so that I may focus on my zone of genius?

And why would I resist having that?

On the flip side,

I would journal on what would it feel like if I allowed myself to be fully seen,

in the buff (okay you can do this figuratively),

nothing to prove,

nothing to hide,

just my beautiful, glorious self,

and sharing my gifts from this place of radical self love, self acceptance, self appreciation and self respect?

What would it be like to use the structure to create space for rejuvenation, creative flow, and self-care?

What would it feel like to break the rules and write my own?


from this space of clarity,

I would DEFINITELY journal on what my perfect day would look like.

For both sides of the coin.

And with perfect,

I do mean,

orgasmic Darling.

After all,

only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

With love and appreciation for you,


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