You already have the bullet – will you make magic or commit suicide?

Is it just me,
or have you also had quite enough of your pathetic excuses for NOT showing up for yourself, your dreams, your purpose?

Oh hunny, you can fool all the world
that you’ve got all your shit together,
that you’re a badass,
that you don’t ever burp or fart,
but not me…

I’m that irritating bitch living inside your heart
and I know
how fucking terrified you are most days
that they will finally figure out
that you’re human
with feelings and thoughts running rampage through you,
at times so intense that you feel as though you’re going to crack,
closing the front door
switching on Netflix
turning your back on the world

Except you already know that you won’t stay down,
so you take out your designer armour,
carefully applying your Chanel war-paint,
and then
with a boost of caffeine,
you switch on your laptop
and show up:
the great pretender.

Don’t worry,
your secret is safe with me.
For there’s not a single alpha female who does NOT battle her own demons

I want you to start realising that this ‘insanity’,
the push pull of feeling like you’re never enough,
never good enough,
that there must be something wrong with you because
fuck it all
you should be so much further by now
you should not feel this way anymore
surely to god you should OWN your brilliance
considering your WORST is still better than 99% of people’s BEST
is part of our alpha DNA.

It’s what keeps us hungry,
it’s what keeps us raising the standards for ourselves,
it’s what keeps us humble,
and it can either start being your magic bullet
or your death bullet.

I personally sat with my journal this morning
pouring out my secret fears and insecurities
determined to get to the next bottom of this
because quite frankly
I’m just DONE not showing up more powerfully for you,
in the process allowing millions of women to stay in the space of personal torture,
when I realised that
I can choose to be intimidated by modern day armour of designer suites and handbags
or I can choose to move past the exterior
and connect to the heart which beats inside every human being.

You already know what I chose.

I chose to strip down to my birthday suite
as I write this piece for you
silently giving the whole ‘professional’ facade my pretty middle finger
because I don’t actually fucking care about titles and suites whilst people are dying.

Isn’t it time that we start focussing on what REALLY matters?
You know,
little things like


The fact that YOU have a very specific purpose that you agreed to fulfill in this life instead of being stuck on the hamster wheel of socially approved slavery…
The fact that YOU have a very specific message that the world needs to hear instead of reciting other peoples words…
The fact that YOU have received a life TIME to THRIVE instead of continuously donating your time to everyone else,
which let’s just be honest here,
is nothing more than COWARDICE, for as long as you get to hide behind your partner, your kids, your job, your housework, your grocery shopping, your whatever the fuck, nobody gives you a hard time for NOT doing what you came here to do

  • NOT writing that book
  • NOT coaching your soulmate clients
  • NOT standing on that stage
  • NOT creating that new methodology


Except you know,
and I know,
the shame you feel every day
the FEAR you feel every day
that you’re going to meet your inner alpha unexpectedly
and having to confess that you didn’t show the fuck up for you!

THIS is how we are destroying the world:
by destroying ourselves,
by abandonging ourselves,
by lying to ourselves,
by rejecting ourselves.


it’s time for YOU to sit down and figure out your priorities.
It’s time for you to do the introspection to figure out your demons.
It’s time for you to stop being such a ballsack and face the mirror
telling yourself the truth
and then start speaking your truth
without NEEDING it to be the truth of ANYONE else.

In fact,
here’s a really powerful exercise for you to do today:

Imagine you were standing in front of a firing squad,
behind you a solid brick wall,
nowhere to run,
hands bound behind your back,
sweat dripping down your armpits,
terror slowly creeping through your veins,
urine warmly running down your legs,
staring into the barrels of the guns,
and you have ONE minute to speak your truth for all future generations
that regardless of what you say,
they’re going to pull the triggers and you are going to die in one minute from now.

What would you say to humanity?
What is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you have learned in your life that you want others to receive?


Why this extreme?

Because I’m so fucking bored reading fluff which is clearly designed to create sales or likes or whatever is NOT important in life
and I’m really hungry to read women’s RAW TRUTH and WISDOM!

If you’re sitting there thinking to yourself that you have no clue what you would say,
then switch off ALL technology,
cancel ALL appoinments,
and figure it out
and if you’re committed to figuring it out faster,
work with a professional coach who will have you reclaim your voice!
For what can be more important in your life than KNOWING your message???

Oh, we just have to wait until the kids have grown up?
We just have to wait until you’ve paid your bills?
We just have to wait until you’re done with therapy or until the moon is full or until the cards say it’s time?

Please unfollow me right now.
I have nothing more for you.

I’m only speaking to alphas who understand that THIS is all that matters.
You either live with honour,
true to your purpose,
or you exist in mediocrity.

For death might be inevitable and it’s about bloody time to stop living as though you know your used-by date,
thrive is the choice of the courageous alpha with purpose.

Live with honour,


Anel is the Instigator of a Thrive Evolution for Alpha Females.

Her work is aimed at empowering women to trust themselves and their intuition, reclaiming their authentic voices, and creating a life they’re madly in love with.

Through enhanced self-love, self-worth and self-confidence they know the satisfaction and pride of a woman who lives unapologetically aligned with her purpose.

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