You are excused from the table of mediocrity

You’ve done your time.
You’ve been polite long enough.

Chewing over the words of bitter resentment, blame and shame.
Mulling over the thoughts of victimhood and how unfair it all is,
how tough it all is.
You’ve been stting there,
bloated with average,
constipated, cramping, feeling ready to explode.

It’s time to take a laxative,
and rise from the table of mediocrity.

The time has come for alpha females to raise their standards for themselves,
and those who choose to be in their realm,
from a space of unconditional self-love, self-appreciation, self-acceptance and self-respect.
For until they do,
they will walk in a shroud of shame,
knowing they are part of a culture suffocating brilliance.

The fallacy that sacrificing your potential
so that others can feel better about themselves
even for a fraction of a second
is absolute and complete

For too long have we kept it all in,
as we’re continuously blamed for the hurt and circumstances of others.
For too long have we been told that we should take up the cause of the underdog rather than selfishly working on improving ourselves,
when in fact it’s those who label another as weak who is completely disrespectful of the true POWER which resides within every human being,
those who ‘bravely take a stand’ are the ones who desire others to believe they require a champion so that they can feel as though they have purpose, power, importance.

For too long have we dulled our words,
so that they can lose the strength of conviction.
For too long have we pulled back in action,
so that they can appear to be ‘human’.
For too long have we trained at 60% capacity,
played at 40% capacity,
created at 20% capacity,
letting shit slide,
so that the masses could be ‘happy’ in their zone of comfort,
for as feeble as they say they are,
their words are poisoned arrows lashing out at anyone who dare stand out.

Where is it getting humanity?
In a big fat pot of codependecy, suffering, addiction and suicide.
That’s where.

I’m done hearing women blame the patriarch society for where we find ourselves today.
I’m done hearing women blame men for inequality.
I’m done hearing women blame their mothers for their patterns and their suffering.

And then telling me that they can’t make a decision for themselves because their husbands have to give them permission.
Telling me that they can’t stand to be alone for a month because yet another knight in shining armour turned into a frog.
Telling me that they’re too scared to speak out because they have imposter syndrom.


how much longer will you sit in silence
for the sake of belonging to the wrong crowd
when all the time
your pack is out there fighting the good fight
for a return to self?

Where each takes full responsibility for themselves:
their thoughts
their beliefs
their emotions
their actions
and from this space
choose to create something spectacular to leave behind.

Where each takes full responsibility for their environments,
their circumstances,
their lives,
and from this space,
choose to create something beautiful to leave behind.

Where each takes full responsibility for their game,
staying focused on their personal performance,
their personal desires,
their personal results,
and from this space,
choose to create something original to leave behind.

Or are you telling me that you’ve forgotten who the hell you truly are?
Are you going to tell me that I’m wrong,
that you’re not like us,
that you don’t have anything special to say,
nothing special to create,
that you’re happy just settling for enough,
that you just want to stay with the herd?

then unfollow me right now.
I have nothing for you.

For if you think that I’m going to ‘motivate’ your arse,
that I’m going to say sweet nothings that has you finally creep out from under your blanket,
then you’re in for a huge disappointment.

Nobody can motivate you except for yourself.
In fact, unsubsribe from all your ‘motivational’ apps and channels,
for you’re deluding yourself if you think you’ll EVER be motivated AF listening to the words of others.
Drive comes from the inside.
It comes from who you choose to be.
It comes from your appetite for life.
It comes from your passion, your internal fire, your SOUL!

Nobody can convince you to start betting on yourself.
Nobody can ever get you to a place of believing in yourself.
It’s not their responsibilty to give you permission to go for your dreams and your desires.
It’s not their responsibility to make you feel okay about your decisions.
It’s not their responsbility to keep you accountable to your word…

Monday morning,
what will you choose for this week?
Will you choose to remain seated,
swallowing your truth as acid eats you up from the inside out,
or will you politely excuse yourself from that table,
walk proudly on trembling legs
to where the wild ones wait
finally throwing back your head
allowing us to hear your howl of freedom?

Death is inevitable,
thrive is the choice of the true Alpha.

Live with honour,


Anel is the Instigator of a Thrive Evolution for Alpha Females.

Her work is aimed at empowering women to trust themselves and their intuition, reclaiming their authentic voices, and creating a life they’re madly in love with.

Through enhanced self-love, self-worth and self-confidence they know the satisfaction and pride of a woman who lives unapologetically aligned with her purpose.

Those ready to step up and receive support on their journey are invited to connect through a potential partnership consultation.