YOU are your business!

This is my personal truth.

If you’re one of those people counting down the days to retirement, this blog is NOT for you.  Stick to the ‘rules’ of business, make a living and be happy.

I love being an entrepreneur.  It is the most challenging, frustrating, elating, rewarding journey that I’ve ever chosen to be on.  So much more considering my field of choice – bringing out the greatness of people which in turn leads to enormous success in their lives.

Then why did it take me so long to figure out that in order for my business to thrive, I needed to thrive first!

I guess it took me this long because business school teaches you all about balance sheets, marketing strategies, client retention, contracts, etc but nobody says “but before doing all of that, work out your personal shit”.  Bastards.

I spent hours and hours trying to figure out what to do next.  How to market myself so that people would like me, because they say people must like you to buy from you.  Then I spent years trying to figure out where to find my perfect clients because people say you must be in the right places for you to be found.  Then I spent years trying to figure out the right systems and blah blah blah.  You get the idea.

When I tried to do everything ‘by the book’ the way you’re ‘supposed’ to do it, I was left feeling frustrated, empty, grey and miserable.  I don’t feel elated when I try to ‘play by the rules’ which is why I left corporate in the first place.

So last year I decided to throw the fucking book out.

  • I stopped spending hours behind my laptop and started spending hours working on myself.  My wealth consciousness.  My codependency.  My need for acceptance and being liked.  My idea of what professional really looks like.
  • I started reading the inspirational thought provoking books.
  • I started working with the once ‘out-of-reach’ coaches because I decided that the Big U wanted me to work with the best and She would make it happen for me (hint:  She did).
  • I dropped the desire to be liked by embracing my purpose to disrupt and inspire.
  • I turned every lie into a truth and every ‘truth’ into a lie.
  • I stopped looking for my clients and started hanging out in places where I love hanging out.  Funny thing – there they were!
  • I started saying it the way I speak when I’m excited and authentic.  Funny thing – they liked hearing my truth!
  • I stopped working my ass off on my business and started working my ass off on myself.

That was when the penny dropped – I AM my business!!  And the more I love myself, the more I love how I spend my days, the more I love doing what I’m doing, the better my business does.

Word of warning – my idea of fun is NOT sitting on my ass drinking cocktails all day long.  Understand that my idea of fun is stimulating and pushing my body and mind on a continuous basis.

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re feeling stuck or worse, consumed by your business; if your business is draining your energy and nothing is working, it’s time to stop working on your business and start working on yourself.  It is time to schedule in the personal development work every single day.  It is time to read the wealth consciousness books during working hours (FUCK imagine that!).  It is time to get your body back into shape and to make the time for nourishing meals.  It is time for you to understand that until you figure out how to get out of your own way, no amount of marketing strategies is going to bring you the success you desire.

Because your business will not make you happy.  You will.

Death is inevitable darling.  But truly living is a choice you need to make.

Ready to stop the bullshit and rock?  It’s time for us to talk.  Book your free discovery session now.  But please, don’t book if you’re happy with average results.  I don’t do average.