You can’t ACHIEVE love…

That yearning you have inside,
the one you’re so desperately trying to deny
telling yourself it’s little girl fantasies,
is real Darling
and more importantly
it should not be denied.

Alpha Females the world over
are experiencing a new HUNGER for love
more specifically

You see, romantic love
is the foundational frequency
of human creation.

Whether currently trapped in a toxic marriage,
or in a relationship void of all passion and connection,
or having been single for years after finally finding the courage to leave
with wounds so deep
they thought they would never fully recover,
the ache is growing.

It’s not a sign of weakness or foolishness,
it’s what humanity requires right now
to heal the imbalanced chaos of hatred, anger, fear, and vengeance
we’ve caused
by sacrificing love, family, respect, romance and connection
for stuff.

Our men have lost their way,
so preoccupied with their sense of ‘responsibility’ for bringing home the bacon and building legacies,
that they forgot their responsibility to guide their sons in their growth, to protect their families, to make their women feel like a precious gift to be cherished,
and with the increase in economic pressure
they sought escape through alchohol, drugs, porn, gambling, online gaming
at the end of the day waking up in a house full of strangers who have at best, tolerance and fear of them.

Our women have lost their way,
so preoccupied with being the highest achiever in the room, wanting to prove that they can do it all: build an empire, raise their children, have a 6 pack, have the most envied Instagram account,
that they forgot to prioritise cuddles and snuggles, to take the hand of their king when they witness the deep lines of stress and lead him to their arms, to nourish themselves first so they can nourish their homes,
and with the increase in social pressure
they’re sobbing on bathroom floors, popping pills for anxiety and depression, drinking on their own, masturbating to porn, binge watching Netflix,
waking up in a house full of demanding children, including their partner, who they secretly resent and their shame for this drives them further down the hole.

No, I’m not judging you or shaming anyone.
Yes, I speak from experience.
You think there’s anything in you that is worse than in me?
We’re all human.
We all fucked up.

So what?

Everything that you’ve done,
everything that we’ve done,
everything that we’ve created,
everything that we’ve experienced,
was divinely perfect
to get us to THIS place.

The only thing that matters is now and what we choose next.

Shut out the rest of the world,
the voices in your mind,
and find resonance with my words…

it’s time for you to come home
to your heart.

The space where you will find the answers
to all your questions
about what actually matters
in you
in others
in the purpose of life.

Allow yourself to receive the gentleness of love
true love
setting you free in the truth of who you are
at your core:
a spectacular BEING
courageous in having a life experience
co-creating for the Source of All
learning along the way
always enough
just BEING you.

As you FEEL this
you will experience a softening inside –
this is compassion My Love.
Receive it,
let it heal your wounds of insecurity
allowing your tears to spill over
and as they slide across your face
know that I see you
I feel you
and I love you.
I always will.

It is this acceptance of who you are
that I have received only after accepting myself
that will bring appreciation of diversity back to our world.

It is this appreciation of who you are
that I have receceived only after learning to appreciate myself
that will bring mutual respect back to our world.

It is this respect of who you are
that I have received only after choosing to be the woman I respect
that will bring co-creation for the highest good of all back to our world.

Which is why I say
that the only way to restore balance
is for you to focus on your relationship with you
through radical self-love, self-acceptance, self-appreciation and self-respect.

First, release your desire to ACHIEVE romantic love,
stop setting a goal of finding love,
invest your time and efforts in romancing yourself
and you will become energetically visible to your King:
the one who commits to his own daily improvement.

In meeting him you will finally understand
that there’s nothing else that’s more important:
you don’t first have to build your business
you don’t first have to make more money
you don’t first have to lose those extra pounds
you are perfectly ready to receive him right now.

Love cannot be achieved through a SMART goal Sweetheart
as it’s a frequency
and if you’re experiencing a lack of love at this time,
instead of looking at everyone else,
understand that you’re simply not vibrating there.

Thinking you can fake it till you make it, is just silly.
Thinking you can DO MORE to get there, is insanity.

Instead, I invite you to find the courage to put yourself in the environment of love on a consistent basis,
understanding that in the beginning it will feel uncomfortable as your frequency will be out of whack,
but when you stay long enough
allowing yourself to vulnerably open through willingness,
you will feel the shift on the inside,
and you will know true love when you feel it.

Death might be inevitable,
thrive is a choice you have to make for yourself.

Live with honour,