You either commit to BE-ing the person you desire to be, or you flake out

I wasn’t going to write today.

I had it all mapped out in my head:

All the reasons as to why it’s okay to cut myself some slack right now.

Why it’s reasonable for me to just hunker down and do what I need to do to take care of ME right now.

That you wouldn’t even notice if I took a day  or two off from my soul work.

How packing and cleaning IS the soul work right now.

Then I caught myself.

What the fuck?

Who is this talking in my head?

Because it sure as hell is not the committed motherfucker that I adore and respect.

The one who knows what she wants, who she wants to be, and goes for it full throttle.

Regardless of her moods,  the weather, her current physical circumstances.


So here I am.

Because it’s who I choose to be.

It’s who I am.

Look Darling, life happens.

Shit happens.

To everyone.

All the time.

You can absolutely let that dictate your results,

constantly being on the back foot,

waiting for the blows to come,

ducking, diving and weaving,

or you can strengthen your core,

you can lift up those fists,

and you can drive forward!

INTO the onslaught.

Slaying for your dreams.

Taking the punches along the way.

Without bitching and moaning.

Committed to getting there,

knowing that the only way to get to where you want to be,

is by consistently showing up for your vision.

Every day.

Not when the moon is sideways.

Not when your lover goes down on you just the way you like it.

Not when you have the plan.

Not when you’re in perfect condition.


Including today.

I had the “I’ll be back full force on Monday” running through my head.

The “Everything will be different then”

Except I’m not going to BE a different person then.

Not if I can’t commit to being that person today.

Instead I choose to do it ALL TODAY!

The packing,

the cleaning,

getting my fat arse on my bike and riding as if a pack of demons want to devour my soul,

the messaging,

the showing up for YOU,

the soul work that I was born to do.

I want you to start getting the fact that every time you tell yourself a soppy story,

a reason why you have to wait,

justifying why you should wait,

you’re being out of alignment with the version of you who DOES get the results you SAY you want.

You can keep telling yourself that taking a break isn’t giving up,

I call bullshit.

Toughen up Sunshine.

Put your head down and keep going.

For there’s a difference between a well integrated active recovery session,

and taking a break.

And there’s no getting days back.

There’s no making up for lost time.

You fucking use it or you lose it.

Every hour.

Every day.

You get to choose.

So if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by life today,

if you’re thinking about taking a break,

of regrouping and coming back next week,

I’m going to loving say

stop being a little bitch, get your shit together, and show up for yourself


You can sleep when you’re dead.

For now, I highly recommend you choose to thrive.

With love


PS: Would you like me to be your secret weapon of mass destruction in the termination of mediocrity?

Pushing you harder than you’ve ever been pushed before?

Giving you no opportunity to think about backing down from what you KNOW you’re meant to be doing?

Setting the goal and smashing your bullshit left, right and centre?

Then it’s time for you to step the fuck up and be the POWERHOUSE you’re born to be.

I’m watching you take two steps forward, three steps back.

Pushing with gusto and passion and excitement,

And then shyly pulling away.

I’m listening to you saying that you’re just not quite ready to take the plunge.

That you first need to get permission.

That for now, you’ll be fine.

Fuck fine.


Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

It’s time for you to take that leap of faith into you greatness.

And if it feels terrifying, hands desperately clinging to anything that will keep you exactly where you are, I’m willing to be that loving bitch who has the audacity to pry loose your fingers and push you over the edge.

Because I believe in you.

I believe you have what it takes.

I want you to know all of your ‘reasons’ for staying put, is simply your fear dressed as ‘responsibility’ talking you out of doing that which is required for you to be truly successful.

This state of settling, of survival, feels normal because you’ve become so used to a constricted state of existence, your Ego working overtime to keep you the same as yesterday.

And the day before.

And the day before.

Except we both know that nothing ever stays the same and the longer you drag your feet to get the support you deserve, the more your true self is suffocating.

Enough already!

YOU were never born to crawl around like a slug at an agonisingly slow pace.

Take back your pride for god’s sakes and rise up!

POWERHOUSE is for those who understand that the real battle is not getting clients, it’s not implementing strategies, it’s not writing sales pages or figuring out the content calendar for the next six months,

The real war is the one inside your head.

The one which nobody ever gets to see because it’s ugly and chaotic and pure madness.

It’s you against you every single day.

Waking up with doubt and fear.

Voices of ridicule stating you’re delusional if you think your THAT awesome that anyone would pay attention to you,

Pathetic for contemplating the possibility that you’re THAT special that anyone would give a shit about what you have to say.

The voice that says you don’t know enough yet and if you have to create from within, others will publicly call you out as a fraud and humiliate you.

The one that taunts you haven’t done it before so what makes you think that it will be different now?  You’re just going to fuck up again.  Waste your time again.


If this is shouting to your soul, then it’s time you step up and connect.

This is me showing up for you.

But are YOU going to show up for you?