You had the faith to ask, but do you have the faith to receive?

Oh dear,
the message feels strong,
the hairs on my head electrified,
and by now we both know this can only mean one thing:

Don’t be one of them.
Don’t be one of the gazillion women who SAY they want to receive:

  • they want to receive more wealth
  • they want to receive more connection
  • they want to receive more clarity
  • they want to receive more support.

Yet when Life delivers the opportunity,
they clamp up like a Venus Fly-trap at the instant of contact!

This is because,
requires real vulnerability,
and real faith,

not the surface level bullshit we hear all day every day.

I’m talking about that moment when you have to admit that you in and of yourself can’t get there.
That you’ve been doing everything you know to do and still,
there’s a blind spot that’s got you spinning out,
and as a proud alpha female, this feels like a bitter pill stuck in your throat!

Your ego will have a field day with you,
telling you that OF COURSE you can do this on your own.
She will rally the troops who will concur –
they believe in you, you’ve got what it takes, you don’t need to make this investment, it’s an absurd amount of money anyway.
Does Anel not know who she is talking to?
You just have to keep going, you just have to keep doing MORE, and in the process, you allow your life-time to slip away when you could be showing up way more powerfully for your purpose in an energy of thrive.

I know,
I’m proud too,
I’m stubborn too and I call it determined 😉
Yet my purpose is greater than my ego which is why I only allow for a certain amount of spin and then I’m like:
‘Aaaaargh, fuck this fucking shit!’
I bite the bullet
I sign up with me next level mentor or coach.

I’m talking about that moment when you have to show your tender underbelly to someone,
show them all your scars both old and fresh,
show them all your fears, your insecurities, your failures and your frustrations,
and after a lifetime of people knifing you in the back,
often using your moments of vulnerable confession against you,
this feels like a HUGE ask.
Too much for most.
Which is why they say ‘no’ in the moment that requires a ‘yes’ for transformation.

I know.
I don’t trust my underbelly with another easily.
I used to,
in the past.
I used to share my darkest pain with those I believed to be on my side.
Except, they were not in a position to hold the energy sacred, to cope with what I’ve been through.
It was really unfair of me to ask it of them,
but I didn’t know better.

I believed that friends and spouses are supposed to be our greatest confidants,
never mind having the descernment of their emotional maturity.
So I would share in the moments I wanted to make sense of it all,
and because my stuff is what most consider the fabric of nightmares,
they would crack in the times when their normal ‘control’ was suppressed by alcohol or personal stress,
and they would spew that shit back in my face with more venom than a viper
leaving me sobbing on the floor,
the pain and horror amplified and then in the morning,
when they’ve slept off their hangovers,
they would hug me and tell me they’re sorry, they love me.
Damage done.

I’ve learned that there are not a lot of people who do the work on themselves to deal with my darkness,
and these people are professionals.
I no longer share my underbelly with ‘normal’ people.
It’s unfair, it sets us both up for disaster, it’s fucked up.

my pain is part of my purpose which means I don’t have time to fart-arse around with this stuff.
I have lives to impact.
I have truth to share without my personal trauma attached.
I have change to BE.

One of the key distinctions of an Alpha Female,

It’s what makes us warriors.
Until you allow your purpose to be greater than your ego,
you will suffer.

I’ve come to understand that for us, receiving in and of itself is challenging as we’re so used to having to ‘achieve’ in order for us to feel we ‘deserve’ our desires.

Receiving the level of support we require,
as we don’t exactly deal with ‘normal’ level stuff,
also requires a high level of faith.
For you will have to ask,
and then allow yourself to receive in full faith that ALL of it will be taken care of in divine manner,
including the money,

for our mentors and coaches are not the $1 specials.

I’ve also come to understand that this is part of the elevation, it’s part of the opening up in faith to receive more!
I experience it for myself every time I sign up with my next level person,
as they’re ALWAYS ‘way out of my price range
yet miracles pop up like firework shows the moment I say YES!
I experience it for my clients who receive their miracles the moment they say YES and CELEBRATE THEMSELVES for making the investment.

That’s why one member of Unleashed through Love received her dream job on CALL ONE!
It’s why another member stayed up until midnight to celebrate her birthday because for the first time in her life she loves herself enough to CELEBRATE HERSELF!

Receiving is not easy when all you’re used to doing is achieving,
achieving WILL NOT get you to lifegasmic.

I know.
I know because I’ve experienced both.

Death might be inevitable,
but do you have the faith to thrive?

Live with honour,

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