You have to want it with every fibre of your being, and then release the need for it!

What do you desire?

With every fibre of your being?

The burning desire that you hear me talk about all of the time.

The fire in your belly.

Burning away your bullshit excuses of why you can’t show up for your dreams,



It doesn’t have to make any rational sense –

they hardly ever do.

The soul desires.

To most they seem absurd,

completely inconsequential to what society deems important.


But you can’t help yourself.

It’s a relentless voice in your head whispering even in your sleep,

a hunger that simply will not be appeased by anything else.


And god knows you’ve tried to ignore it.

You’ve been telling yourself for years that it can wait.

That you first have to take care of your responsibilities.

That it’s stupid.

You’re perfectly fine without it.


It would take you away from being available to everyone else.

It would take every ounce of your energy,

every day,

which means you won’t have anything left to give to everyone else.


And they would all leave you because they don’t need you,

and then you’ll be lonely AF.


So you’ve denied it.

For all these years.

Desperately taking steps to numb the pain,

of your suffocating soul.


Eating everything in sight to fill that hole inside of you.

Drinking copious amounts of anything that contains a measure of alcohol so that you can fake happiness instead of the misery in your heart.

Filling every open hour with mindless entertainment in an attempt to block out the voice in your head,

the one that’s telling you you’re fucking it all up!

That you’re being such a hypocrite.

That your ‘honourable martyrdom’ is nothing more than enslavement,

not only of yourself,

but of everyone you claim to love.


Love flows from within.

And since you can hardly stand to look at yourself in the mirror,

loving anyone else,

is impossible.


People seem to think that owning their burning desires

makes them bad somehow.

That it makes them irresponsible.

It makes them selfish.

When in fact, this indoctrinated belief that codependency is love,

that sacrificing your true self is for the highest and best good of all concerned,

is exactly what’s keeping high performers

trapped in the cult of mediocrity.

Vampiric fangs sunk into every available surface of your body,

sucking the life out of you.


SO THAT you’re too tired to think for yourself.

SO THAT you will be the breeding bitch for the pups of the average.


And secretly you HATE it.

You resent them.

And then you feel guilty for resenting them.

Taking you even further down the rabbit hole.

To that pit of darkness,



you’ve already given up on your life.


The only way to break this sick cycle.

is for YOU to get the fuck up off the floor,

and to walk the path you were destined to walk.


Oh make no mistake Darling,

just because you were destined for greatness,

just because you were born to be a star,

doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.


Oh hell no!

It’s YOUR responsibility to make it happen.

Your dreams, your visions, your desires,

were given to YOU for a reason.

And unless you’re showing up for them,

unless you find the courage to take the action,

unless you prioritise them,

you’re murdering them.


Plain and simple.


You’re taking all that magnificent potential with you to the graveyard.

THAT is what selfish truly looks like!


Why on earth would you want to surround yourself with those incapable of loving ALL of your magnificence?

Showing them the ‘good’ parts of you, just so they can ‘love’ you.


Love and approval is not the same thing!


Why on earth would you want to live a life,

never knowing when it’s your last hour,

that feels anything than DELIGHTFUL???


Okay, full confession,

I did it for most of my life.

I used to think that it was the ‘right’ thing to do.

That it was the ‘best’ thing for everyone concerned.


In truth, I was simply terrified to be myself.

After decades of being told I’m too much,

too full on,

a bitch,

a whore,

not good enough,

I was but a shell of the woman I was born to be.


I am beyond grateful that my soul is a tough little fucker.

She didn’t give up on me.

Regardless of how dark things got,

she kept a little flame going.

Until I was ready to choose ME.

Until I was lying sobbing on the grass,


wondering why the hell I should even get up?

When there was no joy in my life that I could connect to.


She kept the flickering flame.

As a possible choice.

And then,

she sat there watching me.


Free will can feel like a bitch.

We are so free that was can choose captivity.

So free that we can choose death over life.


I’ve come to understand that as long as you choose misery and victimhood,

that is exactly what life will give you.

Until you choose to say “NEVER AGAIN”.

Until you choose to get up and never again stay down.

Until you choose THRIVE.


It is then that you see miracles unfold in abundance.

It’s as if life has been waiting for you!

Preparing everything to delight you.

Like the homecoming of the long lost child,

your awakening unleashes a celebration of epic proportions.


Does it mean that every day sees me riding my unicorn and singing with the birds?

No it doesn’t.

Life is about growth and expansion and accomplishment.

Once you ride the unicorn,

you ride the unicorn.


You want more.


So you go identify the next challenge.

The next burning desire.

You allow yourself to be immersed in the passion,

the fire raging like a hot furnace in your belly.


It has you sitting in bed,

writing a blog,

sweat pouring down your sides,

even with snow on the mountains outside,

because thrive feels ENERGETIC and HOT HOT HOT!


Here’s another little nugget for you today:


You have to want that thing with every fibre of your being,

and then,

you have to release the NEED for it.


Understanding that whatever you desire is not about the THING.

It’s always about the growth.

It’s about the feelings.

It’s about the energy.

It’s about the learning.


The ‘thing’,

that’s simply the golden carrot Sweet-pea.


And when you have ‘need’ around that specific thing,

you push it away.



feels shit!

It is simply not an energetic match.


I have a burning desire to experience a million bucks and rocking out my life in a way that feels fun and exciting and expansive and abundant and badass – HIGH VIBRATION.

OMG I NEED a million bucks because if I don’t I’m screwed and a failure – LOW VIBRATION.


Plus – do you see that you can give yourself the feelings of fun and excitement and expansion and abundance and badassery right now????


Go play on your bike.

Go frolic with your lover in a naughty place at a most inappropriate time.

Go walk down the street with your head held high in six inch heels swaying your arse like you’re the best thing since peanut butter.




THIS is how we receive thrive Darling.

Because the JOURNEY in and of itself is FUN!


None of this happens when you don’t give yourself permission to own your burning desires.

None of this is possible when you don’t give yourself permission to be fully you.

None. of this is possible when you think you’re not the most important person in your life.


It’s YOUR life after all.

The breath was gifted to YOU for YOU!

You can’t breathe for anyone else,

so stop thinking you can live for anyone else!


They are gifted their own lives to live.


And what you will find,

is that when you finally do it,

when you finally show up for your desires,

for yourself,

EVERYONE who desires thrive gains.


That’s simply how abundance works.

And those who choose scarcity, will leave you.


Free will Baby.

Always free will.


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.


With love and appreciation for your true self,





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