You know what Love, we all feel fear!

Come with me

down into the dark

the place where they live:

the voices

so soothing


They weren’t always there.

At first,

when you came to this plane of existence,

you were





You believed in yourself.

You understood there’s no limitations to what you can achieve.

When you put your mind to it.

When you don’t give a fuck who laughs,

who screams,

when you fall over.

You didn’t care that your bottom hurt every time you stumbled.

You cried.

You let them tears roll freely

hollering your frustration,

and then,

once the hiccups died down,

you tried again.

Until you could stand.

Until you could walk.

Until you ran.

That’s when the voices turned up the volume.

At first external.

The voices of your loving care-givers telling you what you could and could not do.

What you should or should not do.

Telling you to stop being so weird,

to stop being so rebellious.

That nobody likes a smart-ass or a girl who thinks she rocks the house.

When you didn’t listen they would take out that god-awful wooden spoon,

or bring out the belt,

beating the shit out of you,

beating the spirit out of you,

telling you you’re bad,

telling you you’re flawed,

telling you that you will never be good enough,

into obedience.

Because they love you and it’s their duty to ensure that you conform to the expectations of the social dictators.

Shoulder slumped, chin down so you’re not seen as defiant.

The once solo voice became a choir of teachers, preachers, family and friends.

Slowly but surely the internal voice of invincibility started singing a different tune.

Until one day,

you completely forgot

your courage

your determination

and all you could hear

was the voices of doubt and restraint and fear.

I get it.

They still sing in my head.

Their words so convincing,

ringing true,

dripping honey.

Telling me I’m bat-shit crazy,

that I’m just too full-on,

too much.

That I need to tone it down,

stop being such a ruthless bitch,

stop sharing with you what I truly see in you,

and instead feed you the lies.

Excusing you from showing up for yourself, for you dreams, for your purpose.

Because if I tell you that you can sleep a little longer, that you can play a little smaller, that you have more than enough time to lie on that motherfucking couch stuffing yourself with poison, escaping your life, your responsibility,

you will like me.

And who doesn’t want to be liked?

Nobody ever escapes the fear.

Fear of success,

fear of failure,

fear of judgement,

fear of rejection,

fear of loneliness,

fear of abandonment.

It’s thick in your throat,

constricting your chest,

until you want to scream!


What are you going to do?

What are you going to choose?

Will you cower down to the voices of ‘sanity’,

slinking back into your corner

like a little bitch,

moaning your terror to all the sympathisers

who will pull you to their bosom,

suffocating your creativity

killing your dreams

smothering your ambition

drowning your brilliance.

You never have far to look,

they are everywhere

and this course of action is completely acceptable to the masses.

It is celebrated.

Fear is normal

Courage is a choice.

Courage has you standing in the face of your fear,

those voices SCREAMING for you to stop this insanity!

To sit down

that you’re going to screw it all up

and they will hate you

Their rage will burn you up and you will be left on the floor

unacceptable to be loved,


selfish bastard,

who the fuck do you think you are?

Making them feel bad?

And you have to let it flow over you my friend,

you have to stand there and take the beating of the words,

you have to FEEL THE FEAR and then


You have to acknowledge the voices, thank the voices,

and then

tell them that you are no longer available to accept any energy that is contrary to your greatness.

You have to dig deep,

find the strength

that lies within your heart,

and take a step,

any step

regardless of how small,

to move your arse.

For it is in our actions that we find our confidence.

It’s in our movement that we get to connect to our powers of manifestation.

I’m telling you Darling

nothing ever happened without action.


everything in your life right now,

the good,

the shit,

and the ugly,

is because of ACTIONS you took.

If you say but you’re not doing anything,

you’re just sitting still,

I invite you to understand that SITTING STILL is the action that’s giving you your current results.

Personally I’m done with people being excused from taking full responsibility for themselves,

excused from showing up,

excused from cleaning up,

because they are afraid.

We all feel fear,

some of us simply choose to feel the fear and find the courage.

That choice is available to everyone.

And as long as we excuse people,

we’re keeping them down on the floor.

I respect you way too much to do that to you.




My question to you today is, who are you excusing based on fear?

Your partner?

Your kids?

Your employees?

Your clients?


And whose fear is it anyway?

I bet if you look deep enough you will find it’s always YOUR fear.

If you’re still reading,

you and I both know that your soul’s had enough of the bullshit.

Within you there’s a warrior ready to wake,

ready to rise,

ready to thrive.

Your life will transform one choice at at time.

After all,

only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always a choice of the brave.

You know I love you,


PS:  What does it feel like to have someone hold you accountable to your dreams,

to your potential,

to your word,

to your best?

What does it feel like to have someone believe in you even when you don’t?

What does it feel like to have someone challenge your beliefs and blow up your BS?

What does it feel like to have someone burn your ‘get out of jail free’ card?

Why don’t you book a consult and find out?