YOU were born to lead Babe- RISE ALPHAS!

Within each and every one of us there is a deep seated need for security, safety, certainty.


A need which goddess balanced by a desire for adventure, change, daring, challenge, uncertainty.


I’ve observed how our current social model is feeding the need for certainty and starving the desire for risk.

When I say feed, I’m referring to the beautiful tale of, which wolf do you feed inside your mind:

the bitch of fear or the beast of courage?


We’re brainwashed from an early age to forget the immense power and goodness which resides within every single human.

We’re infused with fear through media, through teachers, through preachers, through the governmental leaders.

They all convince us that we’re weak to the core, we’re unstable, born bad to the bone and our evil side is just waiting to create havoc through murder and rape, incapable of creating whatever we truly desire, that we need their protection or else we’re sure to die and end up in hell.

Burning for our sin of not conforming and obeying their commands, rules and laws.


We’re punished for speaking out of turn.

If we don’t agree with what the current educational authorities say is universal truth at school, we fail the exam and of course we both know the amount of shame that brings to a child!

If our bodies desire to MOVE instead of siting in a hard AF seat for hours on end,

listening to the boring regurgitation of bullshit we have already read the night before,

we’re given a label which basically says we’re out of control and given a pill to calm us the fuck down!


Like the mighty elephant is trained from infancy to stay stuck in chains,

humans are trained to be obedient little minions that has the system continue to exist.




What really pisses me off is the way in which majority of people want to pass the buck.

They hide behind their lack of ‘education’,

their lack of ‘title’,

their lack of money,

their lack of resources,

their lack of time,

to excuse the fact that they simply lack chutzpah!


No longer willing to take responsibility for their thoughts.

No longer willing to take responsibility for their emotions.

No longer willing to take responsibility for their actions or lack thereof.

No longer willing to take responsibility for their bodies.

No longer willing to take responsibility for their success.


Instead they look at the ‘gurus’ to tell them WHY they are so fucked up.

They look at the box-tickers to tell them WHAT to do.

And of course they are given what they’re looking for.


We live in a time when weakness is fed with a spoon full of arsenic,

and people are swallowing it like chocolate coated horse manure.


Hardly anyone has the balls to say what they truly see as this leads to outrage of how inconsiderate and uninformed as the latest RESEARCH shows that people really are victims.

Hardly anyone has the courage to take up their rightful leadership role IN THEIR OWN LIVES,

leading from within by taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for themselves and their lives,

as they are terrified of ending up alone and lonely.

Hardly anyone has the audacity to stand up and say I WILL GO FIRST, terrified they will be labelled as crazy and locked up in a padded cell.

Hardly anyone has the courage to set the impossible goals and remove the possibility of ultimate failure or defeat, willing to fail until they succeed, as they’re terrified of being ridiculed by others, or worse, have the gossipers say how stupid and irresponsible they are.




Hardly anyone.

But they do exist.

From now on, I will refer to them as the Alphas.

And quite frankly, these are the only people I am interested in working with.




Because there’s more than enough people rescuing other people.

Keeping them feeling incapable of doing it on their own.

Keeping them stuck with their fragile little feelings and over-bloated egos.

Keeping them clinging to their excuses as to why they’re simply a victim of circumstance and heritage.

Keeping them chained in the idea that it’s up to someone else to do something to change the world because they’re not important enough, good enough, enough…


Alphas are the ones who know they are no different from anyone else.

They understand that it’s never talent that will dictate your level of success,

but work ethic, discipline, focus, hunger for more.

They know that they have what it takes to succeed.

They’ve gathered enough evidence of their capabilities to trust themselves.

They’ve made the decision to live in honour!

Regardless of where they start from.

Regardless of current circumstances.

Regardless of their past or family history.

Regardless of the economy.



Alphas take full responsibility for themselves.

They do the work that it takes to harness the guidance within.

They get up early.

They meditate.

They do the introspection.

They treasure those they love and make time to connect deeply.

They look after their physical selves ensuring their core is rock solid.

They protect their time, and focus on creating epic shit.

They guard their energy, ridding themselves from vampires.


Understand this:  We are all born Alpha.

And then,

we get to choose if we will show up as our personal leader,

or become an obedient little follower.

Always hunkering down in front of another,

kissing their shitty arse.


Now, I’m also going to state right here right now,

that I believe that within every single human being,

there is LOVE.

I don’t care how rotten the apple may be,

the core is LOVE.

And when you choose to reclaim your Alpha state,

you transform from the inside,

by reconnecting to that love,

that’s always been there.


Right now, the world is in desperate need for a rise of Alphas.

Right now, future generations need us to get our shit together and stop being whiney little bitches.

Right now, humanity needs us to become HUMAN again.

Fully aligned.

Fully turned on.

Fully in power.


Right now the world needs YOU to step up and take your rightful place as LEADER in your life.




Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.


Live with honour.



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