You were born for a time such as this – will you rise Alpha Female?

Time for chit chat is OVER.
Now is the time you either show us what the fuck you’re actually made of
or you sit the hell down and stop pretending
that you are

All that shit you’ve been through
the abuse
the rape
the abandonment
the violence
the bancruptcy
the humiliation
the bone crushing agony
was NEVER about you suffering Darling
and ALWAYS about you being the one who moves THROUGH the pain so that you can open your heart to more love, more compassion, more Alpha.

It’s always been about you being the one courageous enough to learn how to thrive in the company of fear.
It’s always been about you being the one with enough love to end the cycles of hatred, vengence, bitterness and resentment.
It’s always been about you being the one who chooses to transmute the low vibrational mediocrity to the alpha frequency of excellence.

I know you thought it was all just about you,
and it is,
and it’s not.
I know you thought you had years and years to fart-arse around,
talking a big game with empty words,
having all the little people around you praise you and blow smoke up your sexy arse,
whilst in private
you hung your head in dishonour
that you’re not even playing at 10% of your true capacity.

Void of pride for you are NOT doing what you came here to do,
you’re NOT being who you came here to be.

And now,
the sand has run out.
The world is turning into a toilet bowl.
What are you going to do about it?

Here’s the way I see it,
and I see a lot of things that I don’t talk about:

WE were BORN for a time such as THIS.

And that means,
we are being called to stop holding ourselves the fuck back and


It means that right now we stop torturing ourselves with what’s happened
we remember who we are
how powerful we are
that we can ChOOSE to release all the pain,
all the heartache,
all the anger,
and in a moment DECIDE that the cycle of abuse is COMPLETE.
Soul contracts done and dusted.
Enough and no more.
Drop into appreciation for every single asshole who has ever struck us down,
whether physically, emotionally or mentally,
and thank them for being our sparring partners,
allowing us to harness insurmountable strength
and own the fact that we are

It means we stop hiding in the shadows of shame
and allow ourselves to be seen
nothing to hide or apologise for.

We own the fact that our past does not define us.
We own the fact that our present is not our future.
We own the fact that we are the masters of our destiny
and when the chips are down
we choose to get into the fucking ZONE
shutting out the hysterical screams of the masses
so that
we can lead
with certainty
and compassion.

Rise Alpha Females!

I’m also going to say
that Alphas are looking at what’s happening right now
and they’re expediating their healing
moving through whatever they need to move through
breaking through whatever they need to break through
so that
they can show up
for the those they are here to serve.

Alphas are stepping up
as they no longer silence the call of their Soul,
knowing that their crazy is the only thing that’s going to get humanity through this evolution.

That means we start owning our gifts,
our magic,
our abilities to do the stuff the masses think belongs in special effect movies.
That means we stop wasting our time trying to explain to those who don’t understand
for their fear forms a barrier to our words,
instead we choose to stay in our lane for we understand this is the only way we can in fact lead the evolution.

You were BORN for a time such as this Alpha,
but it doesn’t mean you’re going to CHOOSE to say YES to the call.

You can keep holding on to your


you can rise.

You can’t have it both ways.

Death is inevitable.
Fewer and fewer will have the courage to choose thrive.

Live with honour,