You weren’t created to ‘belong’…

I’ve been having some hard-core conversations this week
with clients ready to see through the illusions
created by a society
obsessed with ‘belonging’.

A society which quite frankly
has lost the plot.

A society which reeks of fear.

A society which needs to
grow the fuck up
and be the kings and queens,
the warriors,
the lovers and the wise ones
our children deserve.

It’s time for a generation
to stand up to the culture of
and all the other bullshit
which has become the accepted norm.

It’s time for a generation
to tell the truth
understanding that truth
is the ONLY expression of

It’s time for a generation
to find the courage
to walk away from the herd mentality
by breaking their allegiance to their parents
freeing themselves from the bondage of mindless obedience
and pledge allegiance to their children.

It’s time to
rise alpha females!

You weren’t born to ‘belong’ Hunny,
you were born
to everything and everyone
most of all
to your soul.

It’s the obsession with ‘belonging’
that has so many women
feeling disconnected,
isolated and lonely,
as who we are at our core –
wild, unpredicatable, passionate, creatures who thrive in the storm AND the sun, who feel fully alive when our desires are nurtured by us, who sensually move our bodies to generate and release exquisite energy and power –
is not controllable by the cult and therefor rejected by the ‘tribe’.

Our bodies are designed for pleasure.
Our minds are designed for creativity.
Our laughter is designed to melt the hearts of the hardest men.
Our love is designed to heal humanity.

Yet WOMEN have and continue to shame women
for who we truly are.
Either berating us and telling us to behave proper,
or facilitating piss poor behaviour
where adults show up as giggling toddlers
not taking themselves or anyone else seriously
and then wanting to ‘help everyone’
because they’re too cowardice to first sort out themselves.

And so the sickening cycle of codependency, oppression of individuality, originality and genius, continuous.

We cleverly find more ‘reasons’ to excuse ourselves from taking responsibility for ourselves and sorting out our shit, facing our fears and unleashing our power through love and truth.

Take the whole ‘social distancing’ facade.
People complain that they’re lonely and they can’t cope with the isolation and they are going bonkers from zoom meetings and blah blah blah.
You’re LONELY because you’ve forgotten that
and you’ve neglected
connection with LIFE and human beings

settling for ‘safety’ created by laws and social media platforms.

You have neglected the bond with yourself,
with your partner,
with those who mean EVERYTHING to you,
a bond which is strenghtened through the challenging conversation which fewer and fewer are willing to have because it’s uncomfortable,
and what you have already created within
is simply being accentuated on the outside.

It is the lie of ‘belonging’
that has people turn on people
for you to ‘belong’ to a club or a gang or a culture
you have to find
between you and ‘them’
and the differences makes you squirm
because your conditioning is – anything different is dangerous,
so instead of celebrating the beauty in each,
you make it bad and wrong and they therefor need to be attacked, made the enemy, kept at arms length, gossiped about, hated on.

What’s really fucked up
is that if you want to ‘belong somewhere’
there’s way more places and spaces where you won’t ‘belong’.
As long as you want to cling to your ‘identities’
you exclude yourself
from the greater beauty and wonder
that is available to all of us.

It’s why
Alpha Female
is NOT the ‘personality’ most uphold today.

to live in TRUTH and LOVE
regarless of your

It’s how Alpha Females understand that we don’t have to fit in to ‘belong’ anywhere for wherever we are, we belong, as we’re CONNECTED to ALL.

Sweetheart, break the illusion,
stop the isolation,
end the loneliness,
by knowing
we are connected
and therefor
you can never be alone.

I’m here

Live with honour,