You’ll get what you don’t want until you know what you want…

Are you over yourself yet?

Are you done sitting there every day telling yourself what you’re sick and tired of?

Are you done thinking that life is happening TO you?

Are you ready to take back your power and become



I have to confess,

for the longest time,

I was lost and confused as well.

Entrenched in the culture of victimhood,

I surrounded myself with those for whom complaining is the only topic of conversation.

Without it,

there’s simply nothing to discuss.


Until I woke up exhausted from listening to my own bullshit.


it’s fucking BORING.

Especially since those who spend their energy and time bemoaning their lot in life,

never actually do jack shit to change anything.


I’m NOT that person!

I’m NOT a helpless little victim.

I’m NOT naturally negative.


But this is what’s happening in the domain of the average masses.

After all, every time a woman moans about how tired she is of doing everything for everyone else,

the choir sings “AMEN SISTER!”

When a man complains how tired he is of feeling like an unappreciated ATM,

the brotherhood raises a glass “I’ll drink to that!”






The reason 99% of people are stuck in misery, is because they never take the time to figure out what they TRULY desire,

and more importantly,

they’re more loyal to the status quo,

than thrive!


If you don’t have very clear desires,

all you focus on, is what you DON’T want.

And what you focus on,



How do I put this more clearly?


If you’re constantly telling me how you feel unappreciated,

you show up as an unacknowledged slave, even to the little people called children.

You TRAIN those little beauties to be beasts,

and they have no choice but to treat you this way.

How can you expect respect from ANYONE else when you clearly have zero respect for yourself???


Good news!

The fact that you’ve taken your powerful self and crawl around all day long,

when this goes against EVERYTHING inside of you,

shows me that you’re a tough motherfucker.

The pain is excruciating, yet you endure.

Resilient AF.


Another common example:

If you find yourself telling everyone how exhausted you are,

burnt out,

your behaviour will see you sitting on your arse,

lacing your body with poisonous shit,

and you will feel more tired because it takes immense EFFORT to lift those extra ten, twenty, fifty kilograms with a body that’s being destroyed from the inside out!


You think it doesn’t matter?

Why don’t you go carry a ten kg bag of sugar for a day and tell me you don’t feel it!

Just because you’ve acclimatised your body to the extra weight, doesn’t mean that you’re not paying a price.

The good news for you is that if you can have the commitment and dedication to eat that much shit to pick up that much weight,

once you turn your attention on the opposite desire,

you already have everything needed to ensure success.


Except you don’t see it that way do you?

Instead you say you lack willpowerdo you have any idea how much willpower it takes to stuff another bite into your already over full stomach when it feels like you’re going to burst?

You say that you lack commitmentdo you know how much commitment it takes to get your arse to the cupboard every time to fetch another snack?


Wherever you find yourself today is because of what you focus on.

And if you’re not ecstatic with what you see,

stop talking about it!

If you say that you don’t know what you want –


You’re welcome.

If you say “Yes but….”

Fuck BUT!

You’ve created EVERYTHING which means you can create ANYTHING.


You create as you state.

So use your words wisely.

You think putting yourself down makes you look humble and human?


It keeps you stuck in your self-fulfilling prophecy of doom.


My invitation to you today is to commit to CLARITY!

Get clear on what you truly desire.

Get clear on where you are.

Get clear on what got you here – the not so pretty, and also the underlying gold.


That’s it.

Just get CLEAR.


If that’s too much of an ask,

then just admit that you have no desire to thrive.


After all Darling,

as you well know by now,

only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.


Live with honour.


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