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Your commitment to your fear is simply astonishing my Darling.

What the fuck do you think you’re doing?

Standing there

Clinging to your fear

As if letting go will be the most horrific thing in the world,

As if letting go will see you fail,

see you crumble,

see you die.

They’ve made it so easy for you.

Telling you that there’s a gazillion motherfuking steps to take before you can do anything right.

Making the path to success seem overwhelming.

Preaching that you are flawed and weak and that you need their rules to be safe.

You need their structures to keep breathing.

Keeping you so exhausted with their endless to-do lists so you simply don’t have the brain capacity to THINK for yourself.

Just barely having enough energy to serve a little harder.

Thinking if you just do a little more they will see your value, you’ll be worthy of their love, their inclusion, you will finally feel like you belong.

Except you know it’s all a lie.

You’ve known for quite some time now.

That you’re magical.


Un-fuck-withable in your raw power.

But you’re stubborn Darling.

You have this story going on in your head telling you you just need a little more time.

You just need to do one more course.

You just need to find one more answer.

One more healing session.

One more hour of meditation.


oh then you’re going to let go of the fear and


You’re gonna show us what you’re really made of.

You’re gonna shine your little light in the darkness and be the beacon for all who are lost in the ocean of illusions.

Until then,

you’re just going to drift a little longer,

in the safe harbour

of your fears.

Don’t you see what’s happening?

Don’t you see that you’re not ever going to let go as long as you’re so committed to your pathetic fears?

What are they anyway?

Other than your social conditioning for belonging.

For someone,


regardless of how good or how shit they treat you,

to say they love, that you did well, that they’re proud of you.

You will do anything, sell your soul, murder your dreams, for those three little words:

“I love you”

You’ve been taught to cherish them above all else.

Another truth dripped in psychedelic bullshit.

There IS ONLY love.

Everything else,

is a lie.

Your fears –


Your desire to please –


Your ability to make others happy –


The possibility of you fucking up your life –


You simply can’t screw this up.

You can piss away opportunities to brilliance, and serve as another warning to the next generation of what a life wasted with booze and distraction and martyrdom looks like.

You can keep lying to yourself and everyone else of what your values are, your ambitions, your purpose,

but if your actions are contradicting your words,

you’re simply full of hot air.

You can keep telling me tomorrow –

both of us knowing that tomorrow will never come.

You can play it ‘safe’ aka merely exist,

the masses,

they love mediocrity Darling.

They love every soul who bows down to the fear-driven machine,

enslavement of those weak of mind.

Are you weak of mind?

Are you????

Don’t tell me that you’re not and then you sit there in the corner.

Waiting to be saved by god knows who.


YOU and only YOU

must find the willpower

the passion

the overriding commitment to LOVE

true LOVE

not the romantic horse-manure the fairy-tales are feeding you as breast-milk,

and from this space,

it’s up to you to let go of your grip,

and take that leap of faith.

Into the unknown,

into your dream life.

You must be willing to fall flat on your face,

have the assholes point at you, laughing like insane hyenas,

thinking that a little mud will deter you,

will have you turning back to their arms,

shoulders slumped,

grateful that they are willing to forgive you your audacity to believe in yourself.

But fuck ’em.

You must wipe that mud out of your eyes,

You must NEVER look back.

You must keep your gaze firmly on your purpose, your goal,

and you just keep on taking one more step.

And another.

And another.

Until you are so far ahead that you can no longer hear their piteous screams to come back.

To come help them.

To carry them.

To save them.



That only happens when YOU are willing to get YOUR shit together and start living in alignment with your truth.

You keep marching forward,

and those who desire to follow,

they will have to choose, just as you did,

to cling to the pole of fear,

or to release and leap.

And yes, they too will fall,

and they too will have to recommit, get up, wipe off the dirt, and take another step.

This is the only way that we will ever break free from the oppressors,

those who rule by creating fear and then promising to be the solution to your problems.

FEAR is simply an emotion.

It’s simply another amazing opportunity for conscious choice, for growth, for liberation.

Let go of your death grip.

It’s time.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.

You know I love you,


PS:  Here’s what you need to know about me as a coach:

  • I don’t tolerate playing small, if you only want to take baby-steps, work with someone else.
  • I don’t give you a cookie-cutter plan of action, you’re an artist, I hold the space for your creative genius.
  • I don’t shadow-box, if you get into the ring with me you better be willing to spar.
  • I’m not going to cajole and pry your fingers loose, it’s your life, YOU have to choose to leap.

Who do I work with?

  • I work with the 1% of creatives, healers, messengers who do the work and get results.
  • I work with entrepreneurs who are building purpose-aligned businesses.
  • I work with those who have the honour, the grit, the discipline of warriors of old who understand that it’s their responsibility to be their best version self:  spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially.

Why do you want to work with me?

  • It’s a soul thing.
  • You’re done being treated like a victim and you’re committed to being an inspiration for generations to follow.  I will ONLY speak to your truth, your inner power, your best self.
  • Success is your only option and you’re ready to fail until you succeed.  I know that it’s not over until you cross the line.  I will celebrate both your failures and your successes with you so that you can flip that switch of shame that’s kept you stuck for so long.
  • I shift my clients fast by holding a safe space where they can break down and break through.
  • I believe in you and will NEVER save you.

Ask your soul, and if it’s a hell yes let’s connect.