Your dreams – your responsibility

Good morning Sunshine.

What you up to this week?

Are you going to astound us with your brilliance?

Are you going to create something so incredible that those around you will sit, mouths wide open,

wondering who this delightful being of magnificence is?

Are you going to go full out for everything that you’ve ever said you wanted?

That rocking body that weakens knees with the pulsating energy that burns like a fire in your very core.

That company that is going to impact millions in a way that nobody ever thought possible.

That relationship that leaves you breathless with the deep connection that you feel every time you look into your partners eyes.

That amazing adventure that has you laughing your ass off, screaming in exhilaration.


are you just going to have another average, boring, depressing week?

Are you going to bitch and moan of how hard it is?

Are you going to say that it’s just not possible for you right now?

Because you have responsibilities.

Are you going to say it’s all just a dream anyway?

It’s time we stop putting dreams in the category of ‘oh, that would be nice.’

Time to stop putting dreams on the shelve.

Time to stop thinking that we’re not good enough, smart enough, strong enough to have it all.

Time to stop thinking in terms of scarcity, competition, settling for crumbs.

I believe that every single dream that’s in your heart, your mind, is given to you for a reason.

No matter how insignificant they may appear on the surface

I believe that every single dream forms part of a bigger picture,

a piece of the puzzle of your best version self.

And I honestly believe that your best version self is in service to the whole of humanity.

That every person who decides to become massively successful in all aspects of the word is creating a new vibration for the collective.

So why then does it feel so incredibly challenging to go for it?

Full out?

To train like a professional athlete.

Eat like a nutritionist.

Make love like a tantric master.

Spend money like a Kardashian.

Build an empire like Richard Branson.

I suspect it’s because things are changing rapidly on an energetic, magical level and it feels kinda weird most of the time.

I suspect that majority of dreams gifted to us at this time goes against the grain.

It challenges old thoughts, values and socialised norms.

It feels uncomfortable and we don’t really like feeling uncomfortable.

And because the masses are still buying into the archaic patriarchal bullshit,

the idea that there’s only so much to go around,

that if you take the entire cake someone else is starving to death,

that your desire for beauty is pretentious and makes you a little bitch,

that the sexual energy that is demanding to be fed makes you a whore,

that thinking you’re fucking fabulous makes you full of yourself,

and they have no problem shaming you in public,

giving yourself permission to show up fully is challenging even for the veterans.

I love how nobody ever criticises the pity-pieces.

That nobody ever says you’re a nasty piece of work when you tell people how weak they are and how they should take it slow,

that it’s not their fault that they eat too much, drink too much, binge too much,

just doing their best, even when their best sucks nickerballs, nobody can expect more of them,

that nobody ever threatens you when you give people more excuses to sit on their arses,

but oh golly,

when you write from the heart,

your soul to theirs,

speaking to the immense power that resides within each of us,



that it’s your responsibility to push the limits,

that it’s your responsibility to be massively fucking successful,

that it’s your responsibility to go for your dreams like your hair is on fire,

that it’s your responsibility to train insane and live like an empress,

everybody gets on the bandwagon of defending the average.

Saying you’re not being fair and should just calm the **** down (who the fuck speaks in stars???)


go on defending your excuses to stay average,

keep hiding behind your children, your relationship status, your bank balance,

keep showing up with 10% of your potential every day because it feels safe,

and comfortable,

and it makes you feel like ‘the man’ when you talk a big game,

knowing full well that when the cards are laid on the table,

you have a myriad of ‘reasons’ lined up as to why you can’t take the leap.

You keep on existing, day in and day out,

certain that they will defend your choices,

after all,

the sheople have teeth and they will protect those who huddle together.

You keep doing that Darling.

But, we both know that you’re not sleeping at night.

We both know you’re waking up exhausted in the morning,

because your soul is growing impatient with your choice to continue merely existing.

Your higher self is screaming in that coffin you’ve stuffed her in, demanding to be heard in the still of the night.

Your dreams are howling to the bright light of the moon,




because your average behaviour,

is fucking suffocating your brilliance.

Go on,

have that next drink,

thinking it will make you feel better.

Play another raid,

thinking it will make life a little more exciting.

You keep doing that.

Your life, and nobody is going to live it for you.

I simply want you to know that you have an alternative choice available to you right now.

Right now,

you can choose to stop pussy-footing around.

Right now,

you can choose to draw a line in the sand.

Right now,

you can commit to giving your life an over-haul.

Your body, your relationships, your business, your friendships, your adventures, your lifestyle.

All of it.

It’s available to you right now.

You simply have to decide that you will no longer tolerate average anything in any aspect of your life.

You simply have to take responsibility for yourself, your happiness, your dreams.

You simply have to show the fuck up every single day, not negotiable.

Pushing through the discomfort.

Giving fear the playful finger.

No longer giving a damn of the acid words spewed by the faceless haters.

Because at the end of the day,

they are not looking in your mirror.

And quite frankly Darling,

your opinion of self should be the only one that matters to you.

I’m currently interviewing those who are ready to partner in a coaching relationship to ensure that 2018 will go down in their history as the year of total transformation.

Men and women with a no-excuses policy.

Spiritual gangsters on a mission.

Those who demand high accountability and a coach who will not tolerate the bullshit excuses others eat up like honey.

If you’re done settling, let’s connect and see if I’m that coach for you.

After all, only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.

With love and deep appreciation of your badass self,