Your task is not to save others, but to find your true vibration…

I know Darling,
I feel it too…

That sense of urgency is back.
As though
the sands in the hour-glass run faster,
As though
a new level of choices need to be made,
As though
the light is fading and for us to thrive
we have to release into chaos found in the dark.

I feel it too…

The sadness
as I witness the journey to where I am
and how many I have left behind
and how many I will be leaving behind still.

The sadness
as I witness the journey of others
and how many are still existing in unconscious creation
making choices that continue to amplify
their suffering.

The sadness
as I witness the silent tears of the next generation
in their struggle to understand
why their parents are so cruel
so angry behind closed doors yet so charming in public
so violent in the hurtling of their words
leaving deep scars on the hearts of the innocents
as though
your biological contribution could ever make you worthy of being a father or mother.

Their struggle to understand
why their parents are holding themselves back
every single day
by choosing average existence
by choosing fat bellies and alcohol induced ‘joy’
by choosing distraction through online gaming
by choosing victim speech
and then putting the responsibility on their children
to ‘live their dreams’.

Their struggle to understand
why their mothers are choosing to live in shame
of their brilliant minds,
of their sensuality,
of their graceful movements,
of their potency,
hiding behind the excuses of
their gender
their partners
their children
their religion
their community
their bills
their lack of time
as to why they are not rising above the Poppies.

I witness the state of dishonour in the world,
the state of disconnect
to love,
true love which starts with the self,
to truth,
to value of the individual by the individual,
to responsibility for the empire each of us came to build,
to respect and boundaries,
to magic,
and my heart grows in her desire to BE better.

For I understand,
just as you do,
that there are no victims in this world
and we are not here to save or carry anyone else,
we are here to go back to the woman in the mirror
and ensure
that she’s vibrating on the frequency
of Alpha.

I feel the struggle inside of you Darling
between what you’ve been raised to believe
and that constant gnawing at the edges of your mind
that it simply doesn’t FEEL right.

The belief
that you have to do this on your own
to prove you’re capable and therefor someone will finally look at you and say YES, you are worthy!
This is a LIE!
You in and of yourself, are a work of art.
Art inherently has no worth which is why it’s pricesless. Until you OWN this for yourself, you will always be a slave to the system.
The Empress understands who she is and that she gets to be supported in the manifestation of her dreams.
She is the creative force
NOT the maid who chooses to hustle herself into a state of exhaustion as if that will make her any more desireable.

The belief
that you can learn from books
how to vibrate on the frequency of a true alpha
when the words on the pages are void of tone
and you struggle to grasp HOW to find the vibration.
This is a LIE!
The reason why Alpha Females are finally coming out from their fear-induced isolation is they understand that the fastest way to find resonance is to be in the presence of the vibration.
It is the power of the pack vibration that continues their spiral up as they easily identify where they’ve gone out of tune.

The belief
that an Alpha Female can ever be satisfied
by anything OTHER than an Alpha Male
who is fully in his highest form as a lover, as a king, as a warrior, as a magician.
This is a LIE!
For your Supreme Male counterpart is the one who holds the space required for the release of your storm, your chaos, your madness, without ever flinching or feeling afraid as the power of tornadoes rip through you
and he stands
holding you until the tremors pass.

it’s time for you to stop telling yourself all the lies
including the lie that you actually BELIEVE any of the lies
when we both know
it’s simply a mask to hide behind
so they won’t see
your fear
your shame
your insecurity
your self-doubt
whehter or not you actually ARE an alpha
whether or not you’ve got what it takes
as nothing has really wowed you in outcome before.

That’s because you’ve been ‘doing’ the things that work for the regurgitators, the replicators, the followers,
even though you kept thinking
this is so boring
this makes no sense
please someone just kill me now!

it’s time for you to stop holding yourself back.
It’s time for you to stop rescuing everyone else.
It’s time for you to come home
to yourself.

It’s time to

Rise Alpha Female.

Death might be inevitable,
and if you’re seeking guidance to your state of thrive,
you know where I am.

My name is Anel, and I am the instigator of a thrive evolution for Alpha Females.

Live with honour.