You’re either all in, or you get out!

You know it’s time to choose don’t you?

You know it’s time to decide if you’re going to allow another MOMENT of your life pass by
with you
noisy cheerleader
raging your pom-poms on the sideline where it feels all safe and secure.
Sure you get the attention and the applause from the bleachers,
but you have
fucking skin in the game
and so
if you’re honest with yourself
you’re nothing more than break-time entertainment or a pleasurable distraction for the beer-drinking masses.

Which is fine if what you want is to be remebered as another pretty lady who made the ‘boys’ feel good about themselves with their little boners.

If that’s what you came here to do
if that is your life purpose,
cartwheel away Sugar.

if that’s NOT what you came here for,
if you actually came to this life to make a difference
to disrupt
to raise the standards
for future generations to have a chance at a good life
instead of allowing our youth to suffocate in conformity
ending their lives at 13
because they look at our generation
and would rather opt the fuck out
than become like US
victims of our own bullshit,
and then we have the audacity to say they have to do it better!

We have a lot to answer for my friend.

So if you ARE one of the very few who came to BE the change,
then it’s time for you to understand that you’re either all the way in,
all the crazy
the audacious
the courageous
the scared
the one willing to EXPERIENCE and EXPERIMENT and FAIL and SUCCEED

with nothing left to lose
no fucks left to give
because you’re either going to commit to success
all the motherfucking way
or you’re going to get off the field and pick up your pom-poms
going to bed at night
you are part of the noise online distracting people from the brave messengers willing to show up in their truth even as their truth is often rejected, often ridiculed, often hated on by your chronies.

How does that feel?
How does it feel knowing that every time you post someone else’s words,
someone else’s work,
you are a regurgitator,
unwilling to share YOUR message,
the REAL message,

the one that will have people sit up and pay attention
and noooooo, they won’t comment immediately with some air-time compliment,
as the message hits home and it hits hard and it often hurts like a mofo
so they have to take a step back,
and then
have an insight that can potentially change the entire trajectory of their lives,
instead of being white-noise in a time when the masses are dying and YOU are robbing them of their precious life-time
just because
you can’t bear the thought
of not being seen by someone.

Empty words
like empty calories
bloated with ordinary
but hey,
your life,
your choice.

This message is for the alpha female ready to admit that there’s a calling inside of her,
a pain that won’t go away,
a story that will not be forgotten,
and the idea that you can die and rob humanity of the power that is YOU
is more than you’re willing to tollerate one moment longer.

I want you to know Darling,
that it’s going to take decision:
a decision to be willing to bleed,
a decision to be willing to be abandoned by your so-called ‘friends and family’
a decision to be willing to have your kids see ALL of you instead of Wonder Woman,
a decision to be willing to have them ridicule you online,
a decision to be willing to be wrong as you grow,
a decision that
no matter what
you will get your arse up every single day
with renewed conviction and power and passion
and you will
fight the good fight.

I want you to know
that you’re NOT going to do it on your own.
If you’re truly honest with yourself,
if you stop thinking you have to prove something to someone so they will finally love you,
if you COULD do it on your own,
you would have done it by now.

NONE of us show up powerfully
on our own.

We ALL have a magnificent soul-mate team who knows
when to lend a hand,
when to listen,
and when to tell us to get the fuck up off the floor
remember who the hell we are
what we set out to do
and dare us to prove the fuckers wrong.

we PAY our teams.
That’s right:
Serious players INVEST in themselves.
I’m #sorrynotsorry but listening to women complain all the time about their lack of success and then asking advise for free from other women who somehow believe that THIS is what support looks like, is just heart-wrenching.

You wanting help and support for FREE
IS your greatest obstacle to overcome.

The act of taking out your card and making the uncomfortable payment is your first step UP!
It’s your first transformation!

Why can’t you see that????

Yes, I know, not nice of me.
Well Hunny,
I don’t play nice.
I play from heart.
I play from soul.
I play with passion.
I play full-out.

THIS is how I live with honour.

For I KNOW death is inevitable,
but by god, I choose to thrive each day.

Will you live with honour?


PS: Unleashed through Love

Ten women ready to step up,
Ten weeks of going deep, going all in,

What will it LOOK like in YOUR life when you finally connect to that message, to the power of the UNIVERSE to infuse your words, and from this space, show up?
What will it FEEL like in YOUR life when you finally reclaim ALL of you that you have rejected over the years and know that who you are is ENOUGH?
What will it BRING to the YOUR life when you finally choose to BE the woman you long to be?

Message me for details.