You’re not the only one

You think you’re the only one,
but you’re not.

You think you’re the only one
feeling a little lost
feeling a little lonely
feeling a little worn and stretched
feeling a little uncertain of yourself
maybe for you it’s in the boardroom
maybe for you it’s in the bedroom
maybe for you it’s in parenthood
maybe for you it’s in the online world
whatever it is
you’re not the only one.

Living in unprecedented times
when humanity has moved about as far away from love
as the Universe can tolerate,
for in the absence of love
we have,
to a large extend,
become nothing more than locusts
bringing death and destruction wherever we go
except, we’re smarter
more vengeful
and unlike those eery looking little creatures
we’re not selective in only consuming plant life,
oh hell no,
no form of life is sacred or safe from us,
not even our own.

The further away from love we as a species move,
the more disconnected we feel,
the lonelier we feel,
the more desperate we become,

uncertain of ourselves at our very core.

The solution being preached?

Become MORE resilient so you can bust through more of your ‘blocks’,
achieve MORE goals which mostly involve MORE of your focus so you can keep your mind occupied and away from what’s truly going on inside of you,
make MORE money,
have MORE sex,
find MORE differences between ourselves so we can fight MORE,

Less time for you to breathe.
Less time for you to honour your thoughts to receive the message.
Less time for you to sit on his lap with a cup of coffee, talking softly, intimately, about everything and nothing.
Less time for you to pull your children onto your lap, with a glass of chocolate milk, talking softly, intimately, about everything and nothing.
Less time for you to stand barefoot on the grass, simply breathing in LIFE and your connection with ALL.
Less time for you to feel the beat of your heart, the true rhythm of YOUR life, from which to create YOUR dance.

Less connection.
Less original creativity.
Less romance.
Less playfulness.

With every ‘disaster’ piling up this year,
people are becoming more unstable
and the same strategies from a year before –

yes I trained mind-set and goals and resilience as well, for it worked back then –

is no longer giving the desired state of well-being.

That’s because all those strategies were designed to create more ‘independence’,
isolating human from human,
focusing on the external,
removing us from the internal.

It is a breakdown of the DANCE.

We’re not meant to do everything solo!

We’re not meant to build every business independently, believing in competition and scarcity – bullshit.
We’re meant to bring our talents to humanity, to build businesses interdependently for the greater good of all, to see where we can contribute in a way that’s unique to us, complimentary to the needs of the whole.

We’re not meant to masturbate every day with a dildo, watching porn, or god help us all, cartoon characters imitating sex and then ‘getting off’ on it.
Yes, absolutely self-pleasure, explore your body, love your body. But we’re created to find pleasure and to pleasure through love, the body of our Beloved. To bring our attention to exploring their bodies, to express our love of them, for them, through more than words.
To feel the warmth of human touch.
To let go in his arms, in complete trust, having full body orgasms that shifts our energy into a higher state than any other way.

We’re not meant to ‘raise our children on our own’,
even though in many instances we’re married,
as one ‘partner’ refuses to grow up, refuses to step up, continuously seeking escape from reality through drugs or alcohol or food or Netflix or the latest raid online.
We’re meant to nurture, to teach, to model for our children, as a team, as a community, supporting them whilst feeling fully supported.

it’s time to come home.
Home to love.
Home to connection.
Home to your breath.
Home to your heart.
Home to your deep desires.
Home to romance.
Home to powerful conversations.
Home to originality.
Home to artistry.
Home to Being.
Home to interdependence, co-creativity.
Home to excellence.
Home to nurturance.
Home to truth.

It’s time to re-evaluate what’s REALLY important –
and it’s LESS of everything we’re preached right now
and MORE of everything that we’re denying right now.

You know it.
You FEEL it.

Question is:
will you BE one of the very few women
courageous enough to LIVE it?

Death is inevitable.
Thrive is a choice.

Live with honour,