You’re only screwing yourself over protecting your fragile little ego.

It’s not true you know.

What they say.

That you’re a little fucked up.




It’s not true that you need them to fix you.

That you need them to heal you.


It’s not true that you can’t do this on your own.

From wherever you find yourself today.


It’s true for them.

It’s not true for you.


You, my sweet friend,

were born with EVERYTHING inside of you,


You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise.


And yes,

I know,

you’ve been through the wringer.

There’s been parts of your journey, that would have broken most.



You might have scars.

A few cracks showing.

Which you hide from us with shame

because you think they’re a sign of weakness.


You have the marks of a seasoned warrior,

which in years gone by,

would have been worn as a badge of honour,

except now,

in our society ruled by the mediocre standards and loss of conviction,

is a sign of imperfection.


Fuck ’em.

All of them.

The ones who tell you that there’s a right way to do life.

The ones who tell you that there’s a single path to your joy.

The ones who tell you that if you don’t obey,

if you don’t conform,

you don’t belong.


By the way,

in that,

they’re actually right – you don’t belong there.


What the hell are you thinking??

Falling in line.

Bleating their cacophony of average.

Pretending there’s wool growing out your butthole.

Accepting fate as if it’s a thing.









Every single decision you make,

even your choice of indecision,

puts you in the next space,

from which you create.


If you think a force from above is going to intervene, or judge, or punish you, or rescue you,

you’re delusional!


You’ve just listened to their bullshit for so long,

feeding your already bloated ego with fear-inducing stories,

allowing him to rule your roost.


Are you kidding me?

Are you?


So instead of actually getting real with yourself,

ripping off those fucking bandages,

so that the puss can spew out of your rotting body,

for new blood to flow,

for renewed passion,

you sit there and you JUSTIFY why you’re not BEING all of you!


You tell me you’re not afraid of anything.

You simply have responsibilities.

You simply don’t have time.

You simply don’t have the money right now.

You simply have other priorities.


All the time,

you’re simply not prepared to be honest with yourself.

Admitting that actually,

you’re terrified of what it will mean if you DO decide to go all in!


What will you have to give up?

Who will you have to leave?

Will you have to actually get up early???

Will you have to NOT binge-watch TV???

Will you have to eat green food????




When all your drugs and distractions are removed from your life

so that

you can focus relentlessly on your vision

expanding your reach

your impact


to beyond anything you’ve ever imagined before.


Actually DOING what you used to say you’re going to do.


One day.


One fucking day.

Just not today, right?


Because it’s not your time.

Not yet.


Well for fucks’ sakes,

WHEN will be YOUR time?

If not now?


Tell me,

I would love to hear.


Oh, let me guess.

When the kids are grown up and left the house?

Or maybe once you’ve paid off all your debt and you have some money to spare?

Is it next year, once you’ve sorted out your shit and have all your ducks in a neat row?

Once you’re done with therapy in the year 2032?


It must be nice.

Knowing your expiration date.

Where do you see it?

Is it tattooed on your arse?

Because I’ve looked everywhere,

and I can’t seem to find mine.



I take it one day at a time.

Acknowledging that TODAY could very well be my last day.

No, I’m not pessimistic.

We’re going to fucking die!

The sooner you can make peace with that,

the sooner you’ll start THRIVING.


What am I going to do with today if this is it?

Am I going to sit on the beach doing fuck-all,

waiting for time to pass,

or am I going to show the fuck up for whoever needs a soul-smack

and let the message through???


Am I going to wait for everyone who didn’t accept me as I am, to apologise,

living in bitterness and resentment,

or am I going to choose to love EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has EVER crossed my path,


deeply appreciating the role they played on getting me to this moment?


And I going to save my pennies for old age,

or am I going to say Thank You Universe for all the abundance,

knowing that there’s always more

and invest with the teachers, mentors, coaches, support, adventure, expansion,

I’ve requested to get me to the next point faster?


I could choose to listen to the voices of reason.

God knows, there’s never a lack of them,

the choir of doom and gloom,

telling me I’m being irresponsible,

take too many chances,

should think further ahead.


Yes, I love and appreciate them too.

I smile and nod.

And then go do whatever the hell I want to anyway.


I could choose to listen to my ego as well.

I could choose to deny the fact that most days I go through at least ONE dark moment,

when everything seems too much,

when the voice tells me that I’m going to fuck it all up,

that I don’t have what it takes,

that I’m not good enough,

that I’m not a nice person,

and that nobody likes me.

I could choose to live in denial and say everything is roses and that I’m fearless.


I fucking DON’T.

I did it for long enough.

I’m not willing to pay that price again.

I choose to connect with my truth before getting out of bed.

To hunt down my demons,

bring to light my fears,

and then,

I go to my Creator,

and instead of asking for a pretty diamond or a carrot,

I ask for COURAGE.


I agree to show up,


every day,

in the face of fear,









I’m sick and tired of people living without honour or integrity.

I’m sick and tired of people living without conviction.

I’m sick and tired of people living with no purpose.

Thinking that it’s okay to just ‘get through another day’.


At the end of the day it’s all your choice.

You can continue to play at 10% of your capacity,

and I know,

that even that already intimidates those around you.

You can continue to hide behind your excuses,

thinking your self-sacrifice makes you a good person,

when it makes you part of the disease of average.


But hey,

don’t stress,

go have another drink,

you’ll feel better.

And there’s always tomorrow,



Only death is inevitable.

Thriving, is the choice of the Alphas.


Live with honour.



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The Apprenticeship is for those BORN to be a radiant lighthouse for others.


The one who’s been feeling for some time now that this is YOUR time,

Except looking around the steps they preach seem incredibly boring and you simply can’t be fucked.

I know.

That’s because coaching is not about learning some systems like a monkey and then regurgitating ‘the one and only way’ like a brainless parrot.



From within YOU.

It’s about YOU BEING a coach.

By doing the work every day,


Because not doing it would be like not showering or brushing your teeth for a year.

It’s about an unwavering BELIEF in the magnificence within people,

And ONLY speaking to that part of them until they can connect and live from this space.

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