If you think half-arsing it is enough, you’re simply not one of us.

I know you look at us and you think

‘OMG that looks so cool!

So much fun.

So sexy.

So badass!

I want to be that too!’


For a while there you clench those butt-cheeks,

pull your shoulders back,

suck in your gut,

and you take a few paces.

Hell, you might even walk proud all day long.


You start setting the goals,

the ones that sound really impressive to everyone around you,

and your nearest and dearest look at you with round eyes,

‘Oh wow’, they say,

‘That’s amazing Honey.

Go for it.  We’re 100% behind you.’


You start looking for every free resource on the internet,

and when you don’t find enough,

you start asking for free advise.

From friends,

from experts.


as long as it’s free,


you know,

‘you don’t have the money to invest in your supposed DREAM!’


Day one – you CRUSH it.

Excitement and adrenaline exploding out of the starting blocks.

You go all out.

You take the actions.

Going to bed absolutely exhausted and proud.

You’ve done it!

You’ve turned over a new leaf.

Watch out world – Version 2.0 has just arrived.


Day two – hmmmmm,

woke up feeling tired,

some new aches and pains has you walk around stiff as a board.

But it’s cool:  you’re getting sympathetic tuts and “keep going Sweet-Pea” from your trusted friends.

Who by the way,

have ZERO true belief in your abilities.

Which is why they’re supposedly supporting you.

Knowing that before shit gets real,

before you can think of becoming FABULOUS,

challenging them to step up as well,

you will give up.

Just as you have countless times before.

They’re banking on it.

Plus, you’ve made NO serious time, money or emotional investment so they’re safe.

And life can go back to normal – thank sweet-potato pie!


Day three – fuck this is hard.

Nothing feels good anymore.

How the hell do they make it look so easy??

Wait – I’ll just go into my trusted group and spew my misery,

guaranteed to be lathered in sympathy by the rescuers cruising the internet.


Day four – fuck it!

‘I’ll try again on Monday.

I’m too tired.

I’ve given it my best.

And I deserve to take a break – I’ve made so much progress.

I’ve started, right?

Which puts me ahead in the game.

I’m just going to take the week-end off,

drink like a motherlicken,

and then,

next week,

I’ll come back strong.’


This is the cycle of wannabe high performers.


Sound like a bitch?




This is the exact shit that’s keeping millions stuck in a life of suffering.

Burning out.

Miserable and frustrated.


And nobody wants to get real about the fact that there are those who are made to just take little steps, rest often, dance with the crowds, waiting for the planets to align and be happy;

and then –

there are the beasts.


The challenge excites us,

salivating as we hunt for the solutions,

the inner strength,

the resilience of mind.

The insane pace we keep is fuel to our bodies and yes, make no mistake, we take exquisite care of the machine that serves us so well.


What you need to really start getting is that there is no one better than the other.

When you are just HONEST with yourself about WHO YOU ARE and you choose your lifestyle accordingly,

you hit the sweet spot of BLISS.

It’s your LIFE Gorgeous.

Why the hell would you not want to be happy by simply being the best version of YOU, instead of constantly trying to be a worst version of someone else????


It makes no sense to me.


There is simply nothing more painful in this life than self-abandonment!


When you DON’T figure out who the fuck you are at your core,

when you pretend to be what you’re not,

when you surround yourself with the opposites,

constantly feeling like you don’t belong,

or worse,

as a high achiever continuously dimming your fucking AWESOMENESS because others feel cold in your shadow,

you SUFFER and you DIE!!!


Because you listen to well-meaning advise that is not applicable to YOU!


People tell you to slow down when in fact you need to speed the fuck up.

People tell you to take it easy on yourself when in fact you need to kick your own arse HARDER.

You need to UP your standards for yourself.

You need to DO IT BETTER.

You need to BE MORE FOCUSED.

You need to set BIGGER GOALS!


And you need to do it as if your life DEPENDS on it.

Because it does!


I don’t know a single true achiever who thinks they can do it on their own.

Their burning desires are simply too important to them.

They work with the professionals.

Investing heavily in themselves from nutrition to massage therapists to coaches to mentors.

And I’m not talking about athletes Darling.

Those who are serious about business understand the power when you activate the mind-body-soul connection.

They know that for them to excel in one area,

they have to work all areas,

and they deserve to be supported by the best so they can be their best.


True achievers are internally driven.

They don’t ask for permission.

They don’t look for external inspiration and motivation.

They don’t apologise for their obsession.

They don’t explain themselves – for when you feel you have to explain your insanity, you’re preaching to the wrong choir.


True achievers take full responsibility for their lives and their results.

Why the hell would they give away their personal power by blaming another?


True achievers immerse themselves in the full spectrum of emotions,

from excruciating pain,

to raging fury,

to explosive joy,

and they have the emotional mastery to direct their emotions to empowerment.

Break-down disappointment is converted to even DEEPER motivation within minutes.

From the outside their instant emotional transformation can give you whiplash.


True achievers have conscious intention for everything they do – and it is always in the direction of their goals.

The refuse to go through the motions to justify their current position.


their self-honesty is impeccable,

not from a space of self-shame,

but from a deep desire to continuously improve and grow and collapse the gap from who they are being today,

and who they have to be to win!


True achievers have honour and integrity.

For them, there is no satisfaction in obtaining results through cheating or riding on the coat tails of another.

The sense of victory comes from understanding that every day it’s them against them.

The drive for personal growth and improvement, is what keeps up their relentless efforts.


If this shit doesn’t light your arse on fire, if you don’t want to HUSTLE 7 days a week because your WORK ENERGISES YOU – you’re simply not one of us.

There’s no shame in that.

Go and be happy with your peeps who want to cuddle, sleep and be part of the crowd.


And if you ARE indeed born beast,

and you’re showing up like a house-broken pup,



Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of those brave enough to OWN their nature.


With love and appreciation,





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