The demands for performance have never been higher than what are they are right now. From school to sport to culture, our children are finding themselves under tremendous pressure to perform with very few life skills to cope. This is leading to an increase in bullying, therapy, labelling and low self-esteem.  

Step Into your Power is a practical guide disguised as a story to keep little ones interested with fun activities that will assist them to learn how to set and achieve goals which in turn will lead to enhanced self-esteem.

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From a mother's perspective, there are few experiences as frustrating as seeing your child struggle in a schooling system which is not conducive to catering for individuality.  From the first year my son was labelled as having a 'learning problem' and we were sent from one therapist to the next for tests and hours of reading therapy.  I never stopped believing in him!  However I saw his spirit dwindle as one label after the next was hung across his fragile young shoulders.

The final straw was when a psychiatrist diagnosed my son with ADD and prescribed Retalin to be started immediately.  As a Life Coach I had previously worked with children on this drug and I refused to have my child's emotions suppressed.  I sat him down, looked him in the eye and said "I believe in you.  I need you to believe in yourself.  Today we stop all therapy and you show the world how clever you are".  

That was also the day that I sat down and started writing 'Step Into Your Power'.  I wanted to give my son an easy to follow, fun story which would teach him how to set goals effectively.  I named the main character Pato, my husband's favorite nick-name for our son.  He was delighted with the finished product and used the book on more than one occasion to set his own goals.  

Today my son is in high school and doing fantastic.  From the day that we stopped the therapy, his self confidence increased and so did his reading skills.

I published this book in the hope that it would touch the lives of those children who need it most.  The kids who are tired of the labels and ready to embrace their own magical power in creating whatever results they desire in life.  And for the parents who believe in their children the way I do in mine and who understand that what our kids need are concrete life skills and tools that are suitable for their creative minds.

The book is also designed to be enjoyed by parent and child as a fun activity, especially for the little ones who cannot yet read at this level. 

My wish is that this book will be enjoyed by both old and young alike.  The story might be light but the lessons are probably the most valuable we can ever share with the next generation.

May your magic shine through brightly in a world which sometimes appear rather dark.  May your dreams guide you to your magnificence so that you may share it with the world. Because every fairy's wand is needed if we are going to save Mother Earth and all who dwell upon her. 

Investment $14.99