The CAA  Methodology 

The Alpha Females' Approach to Showing Up With Conviction, Creating her Desires, Shifting through Fear and Uncertainty

It's time to OWN who you truly are!

The time for pretence has come and gone. 

Right now, the world is going through massive evolution and part of the process is death, chaos and uncertainty.  This is not being morbid, but keeping it real.

And Alphas ALWAYS keep it real.

Which is why you know that 'doing' things the way it's always been done, is simply not going to cut it anymore.

And it's why I'm calling you out to admit that you know, you've always known, that you came here to be the Alpha of your time:

  • Queen - here to lead, not to follow, to decree not just dream
  • Warrior - woman with purpose, passion and boundaries
  • Lover - operating from heart not just head, owning your worth and your voice
  • Magician - allowing for magic and fun

Hey Alpha

If you're reading this, chances are you're ready to step up and be the woman you crave to be.  

That you're ready to BE the change you've been longing for.

And you don't have time to mess around with the old way of setting a thousand goals, taking massive amounts of action only to get incremental results at a tremendous price of health and connection, as your to-do list could fill a stadium and you KNOW there's a better way.

I'm going to let you in on a secret:  

Everything that you currently see as the 'accepted norm' of how we get to live, is designed for average people.

Average people need to live within the restrictive confinements of what their minds can cope with for they're incapable to believing the truth -


You ARE magnificence in human form.

As you COMMAND, so it is.

Which is why the treadmill shouts insane warnings that you have to slow down because 'YOU"RE GOING TO DIE', when you're just getting warmed up.

Which is why most coaches will tell you to do a beginners triathlon when all you want to do is the Big Daddy IronMan.

Which is why most people build businesses when you desire an EMPIRE.

And quite frankly Darling, you CAN and MUST have it all for that is who you were born to BE!

As a high achiever, an alpha, I have NEVER found it remotely inspiring to do it the 'right' way, with their baby steps and holding back because they think I'm going to 'burn out'.

I intuitively just KNEW how to go from where I am to where I desire to be and cut out all the fluff and time-wasting, energy-draining steps because I simply can't be bothered with the identity of a human 'doing' when I am a powerful human 'BEING'.

After more than a decade of professionally coaching incredible high achievers I decided to identify the process and that's how the CAA methodology was born.

It's simple - SO INCREDIBLY SIMPLE - which is why most will NEVER get it and even fewer will LIVE it.

This is the three steps that will unlock your power and have you create the results you desire, without the exhaustion and mind-fuckery.

For death might be inevitable.

This is your opportunity to thrive!

© Copyright 2019 Anel Bester | anel@anelbester.com