The Herstorian/s Journey

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I JUST watched your Herstory video.  I can't put into words how it affected me.  I started crying in the middle of it...

And in the beginning?  During the meditation?  I had my hands in the receiving position the whole time and I felt a weight and HEAT...and it felt good and right. 

I honestly cannot do justice with words how wonderful and passionate you were.

Thank you.

You truly are a soul sister..

- Kim

I Witness You


Deep in the shadows

Where few will ever dwell,

As this is the realm of chaos and uncertainty,

It’s the place where we’ve been cautioned NEVER to venture,


There you are

And there you hear the whisper

Calling you forward


Even though you’ve already traveled so far.

I know Darling.

There was a time when I raged against the Universe

Exhausted from the exertion 

Of never ending knocks down

Only to continue to 


For the voice will never stop calling to you until you finally acknowledge that THIS has been your purpose all along.


Eons ago the empowered masculine set out on a quest,

A truly courageous choice for evolution,

To discover the impact on humanity

If he chose to disconnect from his heart -the seat of wisdom

And instead

Operate from the mind - the domain of logic.

In eternal support of her partner in life creation

The empowered feminine agreed to silence her true voice

So as not to remind him of his original intent.

Today, we’re witnessing the impact of that quest…

The mind, which is also the seat of the Ego, rules


FROM fear 

IN fear

Demanding that all bow down to the master!





Domestic violence




Behind a beautifully produced mask of ‘socially acceptable behaviour’ as dictated by context.

As long as you play by their rules,

Ensuring that you do the bidding of the machine

So that it can continue to function,

The Overlords will give you a get out of jail free card

For what happens behind closed doors

Or in the name of war or religion or the ‘fatherland’.

Lies spread like wildfire

Of the role of a woman





Having to stand BEHIND her man

With absolute and unquestioned loyalty

Giving her freedom in return for his false ‘protection’

Until death releases her.

And if she dared step out of line

It’s expected of the man to put her back into her place.

Chains back on.

Fists beating down.

Some being stoned publicly.

Words cutting deep into her heart.

Her children either made to witness

Or dragged into the atrocities.

Rivers dried up

As tears gave way to heaving sobs

Before hearts started breaking.

More and more women are currently losing the good fight

Of reclaiming their dark feminine power

Instead they hang their ovaries outside their bodies,

Imitation testicles,

Calling for revenge and retribution!

Rising up in RAGE

Telling her story of what an arsehole he is

How he deserves to be destroyed

Filled with hatred and anger and fear

Crucifying men and boys,

Thinking THIS is the solution.

Not understanding that they’re simply creating a new cycle of pain for humanity.

Right now, 

I’m witnessing the awakening of some empowered men

  • Thank fuck!

Who choose to reclaim their hearts

Unleashing the most incredible power

As masculine and feminine energies are brought back into balance within their bodies

And they are leading with compassion,

Guiding more and more men back to the seat of wisdom.

Which means my Darling,


Why Alpha Females?

Because we ARE shadow workers.

Fiery-warrior women who live in the shadows,

Comfortable in the darkness,

Our gift is to identify humanity’s shadow and bring it to the light!

For us to do that,

We have to undertake The Herstorian’s Journey

So that we can see things differently,

Heal generations of suffering,

Bring an end to the destructive cycles, 

And share wisdom with humanity.

This journey will require the ULTIMATE sacrifice:

For you will have to divorce your story

You will have to change your identity

You will have to BE a HERSTORIAN.

Are you Feeling the Call?

Just to be clear,

The Herstorian’s Journey is NOT a program

It’s a calling!


A knowing that THIS is what you’re here for.

The ONLY thing that makes sense.

It’s for the Alpha Female who have EXPERIENCED the impact of our patriarchal society

And she’s committed to heal herself

Not because she wants to end the pain

But because she’s DONE with the suffering.

Slamming down her foot 

Raising her arms towards the heavens

And commanding the forces of LOVE

To come forth and give her strength to face the demons of suffering



You know that right now, humanity is in a shit show

And it’s only the beginning.

For THIS time was created to SERVE as an opportunity for introspection.

An opportunity for healing.

An opportunity to set a better course.

It’s so that we can take a step back and reassess the choices we, as a collective, have been making.

Consciously AND unconsciously.

But it’s not going to happen if everyone just wants to talk about bunnies and butterflies.

It’s not going to happen through positive affirmations and more mindset work.

It’s time to get real Alpha.


The Journey

The Herstorian’s Journey is 3 months of DEEP INTENSIVE work that takes you from where you are today

Woman with a story 

To becoming a Herstorian.


Without bringing acknowledgement to your life experiences, they are nothing more than events filling you with shame and self-rejection.  And as long as you have an ounce of shame around ANY of the events, whether you are secretly shaming yourself for allowing it to happen, or shaming another, you will be a victim of events.


Right now, you have been programmed by society to see things a certain way.  To view life through their prescribed lense so that you can ‘judge it as good or bad’.  EVERYTHING From behaviours to thoughts to emotions. In the process we bring judgement to who we truly are as ourselves, bathed in disgust that we can be so weak.  This is the cause of self-abandonment. And you need to be whole is you’re going to be a herstorian.


I’m going to activate your true Alpha Female DNA Frequency and from this space you’re going to bring instant healing through DECISION!

You’re going to discover just how bloody powerful you truly are and how to spread this healing through generations so that your bloodline can receive love where there was pain.


You will pay tribute to all that has served you up till now

Release it

And claim a new identity which will become your legacy!


You’re ready to examine your life with new eyes,

The life which contains the seeds of wisdom you’ve planted for humanity

Ripe for the picking

It’s time to harvest


Every herstorian is gifted with an authentic voice,

A medium created specifically for her message to be delivered to humanity in a way that is unmistakable.

It transcends the noise as you amplify your artful communication whether through speech, song, art or penmanship.


No longer will you be tempted to spew your old story as angry ‘fact’ which you will understand was always your fear ruling your voice,

Instead you will be able to hold up the mirror to humanity and share the shadow behaviour with compassion and love.

Life will NEVER be the same again.


I share with you what it’s going to take to be a Herstorian in 2020 and beyond

For this is a new field that the world has not seen

Yet humanity has been waiting for.

If in doubt...

The Herstorian’s Journey is NOT for you if you’re looking for a cool new bling bling to add to your arsenal of courses.

It’s not for you if you think this is going to make you rich and famous - it’s NOT about you.  It’s about humanity.

It’s not for you if you want me to sprinkle some fairy dust on your derriere and viola, you feel fabulous flying around like Tinkerbell.

This is going to be some of the most challenging work you’ve EVER been asked to do as 

You will have to be 

COMMITTED to heal,

WILLING to release,


It will require faith in yourself and the Universe and Eternal Love.

There will be ZERO hand-holding or sippy cups.

This is for grown up women

Not little girls who want to play dress up.



For I do not have time to molly-cuddle or rescue.

This is PURPOSE work for me and I’m calling in my PACK not my ‘friends’.

What’s more...

My intention is massive transformation which will be received through weekly calls and daily contact available with me.

As part of this guided journey you are welcomed into The Pack where you will be surrounded by my Alpha Sisters committed to BE-ing change in the world for ongoing support and inspiration because believe me when I tell you, the cult of mediocrity will not go down without resistance.  

For I know you will be labelled, tarred and feathered by those who are drenched in their own shame and who think that you are judging them. You will be opposed by those who are terrified of evolution and who desire things to remain the same - better the suffering they know than the thrive they don’t.  

There is more, but the next steps of the path is only revealed once the first is taken...

My trail is smeared with tears as well...

Alpha, I will not deceive you,

I am one of the strongest most resilient women you will ever meet and this journey

It’s one that I walked, crawled, bled, cried

My footsteps often smudged as I fell to my knees

Pleading for it to end.

I have lived in the shadows all my life

Not understanding

Believing that this was a place to which I was banished

As I was unacceptable to humanity in my true form.

Told I’m too much

That I had to be silenced

That I had to stop questioning

Stop rebelling.

I have experienced molestation, mental and physical abuse, rape, bancruptcy, codependency, humiliation, and the torture of being captivated by the monster revealed through alcoholism.

For as long as I can remember

I fought back

Again and again

Until it felt as though I had no fight left in me.

Exhausted, I released into the grip of depression

And as I stood at the gates of hell ready to leave life for the afterlife ,

Consequences bedamned,

I finally understood that the gate swung inwards

And that hell 

Was in my head!

This was when the real fight started 

And it took me 

15 years

Of doing the work consciously.

The deep work

From therapy to reiki to pranic healing to coaching to healing my pussy to finally


That just as HELL was inside my head

HEAVEN resides inside my heart.

More importantly


Who the fuck I truly am

The power that is mine to command 

The work that I am here to do.

And I am saying YES to my SoulWork.

I’m choosing to dedicate my life to guide Alpha Females on the Herstorian’s Journey

The path of their purpose

So that 

It doesn’t have to take you 15 years

As quite frankly

Every year we wait

Hundreds of thousands will perish in the insanity

Until the voice of reason

The voice of wisdom

The voice of love

Reach them.

Thereby soothing the beast within the masculine

Finding his way home

As lover and protector of the feminine.

How will you know it’s now?

I could tell you why now is the time to answer the whisper from deep within.

But I’m not going to Darling.

You will know if this is your calling and more importantly, 

You will either have the courage to say yes, 

Or you won’t.

When you're ready to compassionately bring the shadow side of human behaviour to the light as wisdom :

My name is Anel and I guide Alpha Females to liberate themselves through Truth, activating the Alpha Female DNA Frequency of Love, and walk the path of their true purpose.

This is the time where I will guide the Herstorian's on their Journey to share Herstory.

My credentials include Honours in Psychology, Certified Life Coaching, and Pranic Psychotherapist.
Want to know what I value more than all of these?

My deep love for humanity and my unshakable belief in YOUR magnificence.

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