Private Coaching
with Anel

Enter the realm of TRUTH and TRANSFORMATION.

Things you need to know about me before getting on a call:

1. I partner with those willing to sacrifice their darlings...

Oh, when I say I don't work with just anyone, I mean it.  I've come to understand that most of what we hold 'precious' are the exact things keeping us stuck.  Which means, I will only partner with those willing to let go of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING holding them back in order for them to receive that which they are no longer willing to live without.

2.  I'm unavailable for drama

You can scream and rage within a sacredly held container, but I will NEVER join you in believing the bullshit which ultimately IS drama.  If you want someone to agree with you that you are a victim of circumstance or conditioning, that's NOT me.

3.  I'm NOT a 'nice girl'

Sweetheart, I'm not a 'light-worker' - it is their chosen role to make you feel better.

Mine is the domain of Shadow - that which will make you STRONGER.  I will drag your monsters by their feet from under your bed and have you face them, trembling, begging for Prince What's His Face to come rescue you and if you think I'm going to give in to your long eye-lashes and say, "Okay don't worry I'll just hide this crippling story again", now is the time to leave this site.  

4.  Without Honour, the People Perish

I partner with those who live with honour.  The woman who says what she means, means what she says, and does as she says she will.  If you book this call and you don't show up, it's game over.  If you book this call and then tell me you're just looking for information, we'll end it before it gets started.  If you book this call and then tell me you have to first seek permission from another, first have to go make the money, first have to blah blah blah, you're not Alpha and this partnership won't work.  Respectfully, our time is too precious to waste in life with meaningless calls.

5.  It's not just my heart that is 'wicked', it's my sense of humour too.

Yes yes yes, I'm hardcore AND I have an insane sense of humour.  I laugh - a lot!  And so do my clients.  Sometimes their laughter is spiced with some delicious curse words.  It's all good to me.  
Life is too short not to have fun!  It's just that FUN looks a little differently for Alphas which means, if it's NOT fun for you to play hard, to play dark, to play even whilst tumbling, you're probably not a good fit for me.

6.  If private is not the right fit, I'll tell you.

I'm way too respectful of who you truly are to work with people at a level which is not right for them.  Which means, if private is too high, too soon, I'll give it to you straight and discuss other options.  

Let's get your application in.  FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT!  I don't only look at your answers, but how you answer them.  How much thought you put into it.  How much time and effort you put into it.  So if you're committed to get on this call, show me what it would be like for me to work with you.

Here's the program Lowdown:

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