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I’m an ordinary woman.I’ve lived an ordinary life.I started dancing at age five and continued with my dreams of becoming a professional until the tender age of eighteen where I injured both my knees thereby ending the life I had dreamt of.So I went to work in a bank, studied, got married, had babies and got really, really fat!I guess the ensuing depression was no surprise.Like most, I turned to the professionals yet happy pills and therapy continued dragging my ass down the pits of despair.The Universe, in its infinite wisdom, led to me to a kickboxing dojo which not only cured my depression, but flowed into a new lifestyle which would ultimately find me on my happiest place on earth – a bicycle!From my first 3 kilometre ride to the podium of nationals I didn’t think it could get any better.I was wrong.Watching a YouTube clip of IronMan changed everything.After a decade of mind-set coaching elites, entrepreneurs, executives and high achievers, I was astounded to find that I could learn more during my six month journey to the finish line than I had in ten years of studying psychology and coaching modalities.I learned that the human body is capable of so much more than we can ever believe.
I learned that I could teach myself to swim from watching YouTube videos even though to this day, I am petrified of water.
I learned that I will sacrifice sleep and comfort and endure massive amounts of pain to fulfil my life purpose.
I learned that you can do it all too.By having key foundational pieces in place, you can do it all and have it all.These are the pieces I share with you in this book.This is not a linear book.
Life isn’t linear.
Life is a haphazard journey of adventures and obstacles and insights and tears and laughter and choices.Always choices.It’s my deepest wish that this book will inspire you to start making conscious choices based on your soul desires.To stop listening to the naysayers and believe in yourself.Anything is possible for you.It is my wish that this book will give you enough inspiration to set the big goals and the tools to smash those babies regardless of your track record.

Yesterday is gone.
It does not define you.
It does not limit you.
Only you can limit yourself.

So what is that thing that you’ve told yourself is out of your reach?
Beyond your capabilities?
That only extraordinary people can do?

For within every extraordinary event, there’s an ordinary person doing it.

Time to thrive.