This is more than a MasterClass - this is a MasterExperience.


When you're done with the frustration of the ever elusive 'balance', or worse, the secret shame for your true desires.  

This revolutionary approach will have you show up with confidence and certainty understanding why life HAS to work on your terms.

During this 80 minute training, you'll experience...

  • The traditional Wheel of Life to ascertain your current levels of achievement
  • Deeper awareness of how you're feeling about your life at this time 
  • The revolutionary approach of a Thrive Pyramid
  • Understanding how your core values are impacting your life experience and energy
  • Where to bring your focus to ensure higher levels of satisfaction and thrive than ever before
  • A new conscious choice from having experienced different options thereby increasing your self-confidence and conviction moving forward

Anel Bester

CEO & Instigator of the Thrive Evolution for Alpha Females


It's great to meet you.  

I empower Alpha Females to liberate themselves from traditional ideas and rules, instead choosing to trust their inner voice and create a lifegasmic experience every day.

My unique Thrive strategy creates an abundance of energy whilst increasing results and leves of satisfaction.

This means ditching guilt and burnout.

This approach is gifting women around the globe with a renewed hunger for life and joy in celebrating their brilliant selves.

What Others Say


I’ve worked with Anel one-on-one, completed a few of her challenges and worked with her as part of a mastermind – each experience was full of revelations, tears, and a whole lot of laughter.

Carla Kolke Jones 



Her energy is addictive and helped me understand that I need to smash my limiting beliefs. I am really myself without apology or guilt and I don’t need to be punished for anything.

I will be breathing in my QUEEN daily! Thank you !

Sandy Mckenzie 


One of my biggest take aways from working with Anel is that my Networth is a direct reflection of my Selfworth.

Working with her is life and destiny changing. I highly recommend working with Anél if you know you are worth more…”

Mariet Hammann
Life Coach

How do you know this training is for you?  

You're an Alpha Female which means...

  • You hate following the crowd.
  • You're independent and do not NEED someone to complete you.
  • You're a thinker i.e. you don't take things at face value.
  • You're also a doer - we both know that thinking only gets you so far and action is always required.
  • You radiate confidence Darling.  The only way to walk is with your head held high.
  • You are a woman with purpose!

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