Sometimes all that's required is a single open and HONEST conversation with someone who has the skills and experience to bring forth your fears, expose your lies, and tell you the truth, to change the entire trajectory of your life.

Welcome Alpha, this call is for those who understand that they're stuck in a pattern, a groove, which has their lives appear as a broken record and they're ready and willing to change the TONE.

It's definitely NOT about you feeling like a hum-bug as we hold hands and sing Kumbajah! This is you and me, in the arena of your life, smashing through the glass ceilings of conditioning, moving INTO your fears to unleash your power, ensuring that YOU and therefor your LIFE projection, is forever altered.



90 minutes with Anel moved me forward on many many levels. She cuts straight to the point and doesn’t mince words. It is always a firm but gentle kick in the ass!
She has the ability to get straight to the heart of the issue and ask the right questions to cause you to resolve them quickly and clearly. Far more valuable than the cost!!

Traci Johnson,  TraciJohnson.com

1. I partner with those willing to sacrifice their darlings...

Oh, when I say I don't work with just anyone, I mean it.  I've come to understand that most of what we hold 'precious' are the exact things keeping us stuck.  Which means, I will only partner with those willing to let go of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING holding them back in order for them to receive that which they are no longer willing to live without.

2.  I'm unavailable for drama

You can scream and rage within a sacredly held container, but I will NEVER join you in believing the bullshit which ultimately IS drama.  If you want someone to agree with you that you are a victim of circumstance or conditioning, that's NOT me.

3.  I'm NOT a 'nice girl'

Sweetheart, I'm not a 'light-worker' - it is their chosen role to make you feel better.

Mine is the domain of Shadow - that which will make you STRONGER.  I will drag your monsters by their feet from under your bed and have you face them, trembling, begging for Prince What's His Face to come rescue you and if you think I'm going to give in to your long eye-lashes and say, "Okay don't worry I'll just hide this crippling story again", now is the time to leave this site.


Mind-blowing, biz-expanding, and block SHATTERING 1.5 hour experience!

Anel is the SHIT! Within minutes, she helped me to identify why I wasn’t attracting the clients I wanted to work with. She blew up a few annoying limiting beliefs I had, and gave me actionable tips and ideas to implement asap to keep me moving forward. She takes no prisoners, makes you take a hard, honest look at yourself, and supports you in taking giant leaps forward in your biz! 

Thank you SO MUCH, Anel!

Julie Wunderlich,  Energy Coach Julie AKA The High Vibe

4.  Without Honour, the People Perish

I partner with those who live with honour.  The woman who says what she means, means what she says, and does as she says she will. 

5.  It's not just my heart that is 'wicked', it's my sense of humour too.

Yes yes yes, I'm hardcore AND I have an insane sense of humour.  I laugh - a lot!  And so do my clients.  Sometimes their laughter is spiced with some delicious curse words.  It's all good to me.  
Life is too short not to have fun!  


So grateful to have Anel get me focused.

Clarity! Thats what I would say is the most valuable thing I got from my talk with Anel. Within minutes of our call I understood the importance of what I do and why I need to continue to do it in a way that reaches more people. I got homework that gave me clear and specific things to do. I also saw that I have lots of areas in which to improve. I need to start showing up as an entrepreneur! A few days after I was already completing my to do list and feeling better about where I am and where I am going.
Focused! Clear and feeling like I have specific things to accomplish. That was my call with Anel! and it was kick ass! I felt validated and held accountable all at the same time.

Ydhelca Perez,  Ydhelca Perez Dance

Here's the program Lowdown:

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