Unleashed Through Love

Unburdened Mind - Unbridled Voice - Uninhibited Thrive

Deal with the fear of imposter syndrome, dissatisfaction and self-sabotage once and for all.  
Learn how to love yourself by seeing things differently, allowing your Inner Alpha to guide you courageously, and finally embracing the THING you were born to create with ease, joy and fun.

“What is wrong with me??”

Ever asked that question - shit I know I did.

For the longest time.

Hey Gorgeous,

Everyone talks about imposter syndrome, except you and I both know that for you, it goes way deeper than the fear of being caught out as a professional fraud.

You have all the credentials.

You have all the accolades.

You have all the titles and the stilettos.

So why in the name of all that is good in this world are you NOT showing up like a MAVEN and claiming your worth, your power, your voice, your truth?

Why are you not going to bed feeling like an empress?

Not waking up wet and horny for the day ahead?

For women like us, it’s NOT about the superficial stuff,

it goes all the way to our core:

Of NOT feeling good enough,

Of NOT feeling enough,

Of NOT feeling love for the face in the mirror.

It’s that feeling of undeniable SHAME that YOU are NOT being true to YOU.

As tough as you are on the outside, you know that you’ve caved in to the fear, the social conditioning, the systems and steps and numbers and labels and in the process you SOLD OUT.

You abandoned that little girl sobbing inside of you.

You rejected yourself for the sake of propriety.

NOTHING hurts more than when a woman

abandons herself.

I want you to understand that the only thing that has you feeling like THIS, is you’ve been lied to by well-meaning, misinformed people who simply didn’t know better.

And you secretly know it.

You know it because every now and again you look around and you silently roll your eyes because you can see through all the bullshit, yet you keep quiet, tired of the constant criticism you received in the past, believing it won't matter and you'll just endure but it DOES matter and you can't endure much longer.

In the process, you’ve cut yourself off from the true nature of you, your power and your place in the universe.

You have been so focused on everyone and everything else, neglecting the MOST important person in YOUR life - YOU!

And it’s not your fault Darling.

We both know you’ve never been encouraged to fall madly in love with yourself, instead you've been told to dim it down, know your place, shrink a little more poppy.

You’ve never been shown HOW to love yourself, if anything, you were told that loving yourself is a sin and boastful and crazy because love is about your fellow human beings and Prince What's-His-Face.

You’ve never been celebrated for your wild, weird and irresistible self, not needing to DO a single thing, instead allowing yourself to BE as this was seen as a sign of laziness and the 'work hard for your money' culture dictates exhaustion for pennies.

You’ve been the most resilient of them all and in the process you’ve become so self-sufficient, you’ve not allowed yourself to receive and now it feels weird and scary and wrong, so you keep slaving away for others whilst secretly resenting them for putting you in this position.

I also happen to know that up until now,

In an industrial model built on the man-made principles of BIG goals and MASSIVE actions 

You’ve rocked because you have a really strong masculine energy.

Except the game has changed as the balance between masculine and feminine WILL restore.

No longer will your achievements get you to satisfaction (okay, did it ever really?)

No longer will exhaustion be applauded (in fact, more and more women are doing it with EASE)

Where does that leave you???

Personally, it left me feeling lost, confused, pissed and scared shitless.

If they took away ALL I’ve worked so hard at achieving to make god knows who proud,

If they took away my noddy badge of ‘overcomer’,

Then what’s left????

I didn’t know.

In fact, the day I sat down and asked myself the question of 

“Who am I?

Without my titles,

Without my labels,

Without my credentials?”

Shit got real.

This was also the day that I had to go down a different path than I’ve ever gone before.

The path to


Through a willingness to be curious, to be wrong, to fail, to remember, to see things differently,

I was able to unburden my mind from the lies, conditioning and programming finally remembering the truth that my WELL-BEING comes from my Source, through Self-Love and THIS is how we as Alpha Females get to THRIVE.

I finally gave myself PERMISSION to speak MY truth,

Without a  need for it to be a universal truth

And to say it in a language unique to me

With zero need to explain myself.

I finally gave myself permission to thrive without the guilt and apology.

No more 

“I’m sorry I’m so loud”

“I’m sorry I’m so inappropriate”


Period the end.

I’m blossoming.

I’m playing full out.

I’m having massive orgasms.

I’m having FUN.


Now it’s your turn, Alpha


waking up each morning excited AF for what is potentially lying ahead knowing that the Universe always surprises and delights you,

because you've finally said YES to your desires and in return life is saying YES to you!

  • Showing up in the world with confidence, conviction and a powerful voice, message, impact as you've connected to who you truly are, what you came here to do, with full backing from the Big U herself.

  • Allowing yourself to follow the guidance from within as you've not only deeply connected with her, but learned how to tune in effortlessly, allowing for flow and magic to infuse your every day.

  • Finally having the relationships you've been craving all along as you no longer settle for codependency of any form but instead, from a space of deep self-love and self-respect, surround yourself with similar standards as yourself.

Alpha Unleashed baby, from a space of pure and undiluted LOVE!

Unleashed Through Love is an intimate journey with me,  gaining access to an exclusive pack  of Alpha Females who are committed to seeing things differently so they can have a better experience of life.  

Because seriously Darling,

Thrive IS your natural state and your birth-right.

You have nothing to prove,

Nothing to do,

Just BE-ing YOU, 

ALL of you,

Is what is required for you to wake up in the morning excited and deeply grateful to be alive and for all that the Universe is about to bring to you today.

Module One: Reclaiming through Truth

I was brought up with the idea that there's God, there's me, and then there's the other people.  All isolated little specks that somehow have to make it through this life and not fuck it up too much.  I was also told that for me to be acceptable, loved, even liked, I had to conform to a specific mould and discard the rest of me.  Erm - no.  I don't think so.  

It's time for YOU to question, for YOU to be willing to see things differently, for YOU to decide what feels aligned for YOU and most importantly, for YOU to reclaim every crazy, out-there part that makes you perfectly YOU.

We take a step back to see things differently, connecting to the FLOW of life, giving you the tools to identify the bottlenecks so you can open those babies UP in the coming weeks.

Module Two: Me, Myself and My Inner Alpha

Ready to get your foundation sorted out?  The only way to do THAT, is through LOVE.  I'm not talking about the Cinderella kinda love for Prince What'sHisName, I'm talking about radical self-love Darling by connecting to the love of your Inner Alpha.  

Once the penny drops, the bank can start filling up for we simply will NOT allow ourselves to receive more than we believe we are worth.  And our worth is in fact NOT dependent on our achievements, but our love for self.

 Before you start thinking you don't know HOW the fuck to love yourself, I get it and I have you covered.  I'm sharing some POWERFUL meditation and practices that will strip away those barriers and allow you to FEEL the love radiating to you and through you.

Module Three: What you focus on, grows. 

No, you're not crazy.  We all have a voice singing a tune all day every day.  I used to believe that all I needed to do was say affirmations until I'm blue in the face and THEN everything will change.  You know, mental REPROGRAMMING because we've been programmed through society.  Well, that's a starting point but it's not THE starting point.  After all, this work is about RECLAIMING yourself, which means ALL of you, including that voice.  From now on, your mind will be your greatest ally as I show you how to work WITH your mind including your ego, thereby ensuring that your focus is in fact on your desires.

Module Four: Your Temple of Grace 

For years I came at my body from a space of getting her into fit AF shape, with whatever it takes.  And yes, I did IronMan AND I was constantly sick.  Why?  Because physical well-being does not refer to your dress size, it refers to the amount of goodness you allow yourself to experience THROUGH your body.  

From activity to food to sex, you'll discover a whole new appreciation for your body, allowing her to flourish and feel bloody SENSATIONAL whilst being fully present in your skin, your life, your thrive.

Module Five: Expressions of Allowance

You want more freedom right?  

That's because Alpha Females simply CANNOT flourish in captivity.  

And when your bank account has got you stuck in a cage the size of a tomato box, shit gets ugly really fast.  

The ONLY reason you're keeping yourself hostage, is because of your stories around money.  Stories you grew up with, stories you hear all day every day.  In this module we're not only going to start a new dialogue, we're also going to start playing some fabulous games that will allow the vibration of wealth to flow through you.  After all, abundance is a vibe Baby.

Module Six: Expression of Purpose

Now that we've let go of that chastity belt, it's time to understand that you were born Empress, and your empire NEEDS you to step up and BE you.  

It's not about being a diva, although there's nothing wrong with being a diva, it's about owning your responsibility in showing up for those who have been waiting for your unique gifts and value which we both know will transform lives!

I show you how to unlock your Empress energy through the embodiment of your truth where you finally get to live life on your terms instead of the bloody colour-by-number approach everyone is constantly pushing down your throat.

Module Seven: Expression of Vibration

Who has time for a 'lifestyle' when you can create a THRIVESTYLE?  

I'm talking everything that fills your cup hunny.  

Think adventure, beauty, romance, excitement, shenanigans.  

Not once in a while, DAILY DELIGHT.  

If you're serious about being in service to humanity, you have to start allowing yourself to receive MORE, so you can BE more of you, which will allow you to GIVE more from overflow.  Your cup has to be filled before you can fill the cups of others!

In Module Seven, we’ll dive into the world of nourishing your soul with the PERFECT style for you… so that you’ll have the joyous, positive energy to THRIVE for yourself and others.

Module: Expression of Learning

The reason I put thrive-style first, is this allows me to drop any inclination of codependency and instead, attracting people I CHOOSE to be with, not NEED to be with.  

This module is all about receiving the sensational mirrors provided by others, releasing past hurt by releasing false expectations which not only sets YOU up for failure, but everyone around you.  

I show you how to change your environment with zero guilt or blame as you'll be coming from a space of radical love which will allow for easy evolution that feels harmonious, uplifting and true.

Module Nine: Expression of Change Desired

Everywhere I turn I see people jumping up and down demanding that things must change!  

Yet, in their toddler tantrums they're the reason things stay the same.  

Alpha Females understand that change comes from BEING the change and this is where you become legendary!  

It's not even about what people will remember you for, it's about what will make you unforgettable for generations to come.

Module Ten:  Unleashed

It's time for integration and completing your masterpiece Darling.  

This is how an Alpha Female unleashes her true self into the world with zero need for explanation, no apology, just YOU being all of your glorious self with the energetic vibration to create whatever the hell you desire knowing that it is already done.

Each of these modules include recorded content, journaling prompts, exercises, some art work and actionable steps for instant transformation.


  • Weekly Calls (12 weeks): Join me every week for Q&As and coaching to deepen your understanding of each week’s topic. These are interactive sessions where powerful conversations lead to massive transformation! 
  • Unlimited access via Voxer:  That’s right, during the 12 weeks you have daily access to me via my messaging system so you get the support, the downloaded journaling prompts you need in the here and now to move forward FAST.

Plus lifetime access to:

  • Recorded trainings:  A membership site with lifetime access to all recorded trainings, both from our calls AND the deep-dive trainings recorded for you to stay active throughout the week.  After all, we're not after knowledge but WISDOM which comes from ongoing experience of the information.
  • Guided Mirror Work: This brief module gives you precise instructions for harnessing the power of 55 curated super-affirmations (included, as a recording which you can play in front of the mirror). Practice every day, and you’ll see just how quickly your Inner Alpha awakens!
  • Affirmation Screensaver Pack:  My private collection of beautiful affirmation screensavers will remind you throughout your day to embrace your Alpha! 

  • Transformational Games:  I believe people learn best when they’re having fun. So throughout your journey, we’ll be playing some exciting games to build our sense of community (and learn some useful skills along the way). 

  • Art Projects:  Your Inner Alpha’s got a creative streak, and it’s time to let her loose! You’ll be completing several art projects designed to help you reclaim your creative brilliance and toss the “rules” out the window!
  • Guided Meditations:  Women LOVE these beautiful meditations that allow you to close your eyes and receive effortlessly with channeled affirmations for specific areas in life.

Bonus Content Access As Soon As You Sign Up!

Clearance2Clarity  a 30 step life OVERHAUL clearing ALL that's standing in the way of you claiming CLARITY and action with CONVICTION!

In this program I've included the Fighting Fit Fifty to ensure your body gets a boost of strength increasing your confidence ten fold.

Unleashed through Love  is for you if you’re a driven, high achieving woman who's been taking relentless action your entire life, have accomplished some amazing goals, yet you’re still feeling unsatisfied and frustrated as you're holding yourself back from who you TRULY are.

More than this, you KNOW that THIS is what’s keeping you from FULLY stepping into your purpose and you’re terrified because the clock is ticking and if you don’t sort your shit, you’re going to get to the end, having to look your Inner Alpha in the eye and apologise for all your potential unlived going to the grave.

No book written transforming lives forever more.

No healing modality shared ending suffering for all those you’re meant to serve.

No empire of impact continuing beyond your life-span.


And you’re ready - I know you are.  

You wouldn’t still be reading if you weren’t.

Unleashed through Love is NOT for the woman wanting information, this is about TRANSFORMATION.

It’s not for the woman who wants to be given THE steps to success, as I refuse to rob you from your unique blueprint which is where your true bliss resides.

It’s definitely not for the woman who wants to ask for permission to join when we both know now is the time for you to give yourself permission!

AND you’re getting one other thing:
A compassionate, non-judgmental group of
like-minded Alphas to share your journey

Imagine an environment where there’s NO guilt, blame, shame, self-hatred, or any of the other negative emotions that tear us down. 

Imagine sharing your secret dreams and desires with like-minded women who get it… because they’re on Alpha journeys of their own. 

Imagine celebrating the revealing of yourself with your equals who are truly happy to see you THRIVE.

That probably sounds like a breath of fresh air to you, doesn’t it? 

Then there’s really no need to put YOUR thrive off any longer.

Your Inner Alpha

is Ready to Step Out of the Shadows!

And through her,

You will Unleash ALL of your raw, feminine divinity into the world. 

The question is… are YOU willing?

Because we both know you’re ready.

Sweetheart, you’ve been taking care of everyone else your entire life.  

You’ve been supporting everyone else, their dreams, their desires. 

You’ve been the pillar of strength for your family, your partner, your clients, your friends.

Now is YOUR time to RECEIVE all of that for yourself.

This program will be small, intimate and personal AF and right now I’m talking to women ready to say YES to themselves.  Once spaces are filled, that’s it, the door of opportunity will close.

You’ll know this program is right for you because I’m speaking your language.

You’ll know because right now there’s a sense of apprehension, you call it fear, I call it excitement.

You’ll know because your inner She-Wolf has been howling,

You’ve said the prayers for an answer to the madness,

You’ve asked for the isolation to end,

For a soul-sister with whom to bravely take the next step,

For the hard shit to end,

and I’m answering your call.

And all you have to do is take this leap of faith, not in me, but in yourself!

Take this leap - just for you. 

Complete the application and let’s get on a call asap to release you from that self-inflicted chastity belt, for now it’s the time to unleash through love all that you’ve been hiding from all this time.

I’m waiting for you.

See you soon, in the Alpha´s Den of Delights.

With love and honour,


PS:  There will be no testimonials on this page because right now I want you to trust YOURSELF again.  I want you to trust YOUR intuition instead of seeking ‘false security’ in what others have done for themselves.

For you will receive what you BELIEVE you will receive,

What you DECIDE you will receive,

What you CHOOSE to receive,

from where you are and the extent to which you will allow yourself to fall in love with who you truly are.

I’m asking women to stop putting their trust in others and to finally trust themselves once more.

My name is Anel and I guide Alpha Females to liberate themselves through Truth, activating the Alpha Female DNA Frequency of Love, and walk the path of their true purpose.

After decades of embracing an identity as a high achiever for 20 seconds of satisfaction, it took me stepping away from everything to discover there's a HUGE difference between achieving and thriving.

 To recognise that our bodies,
emotions, minds and inner guidance holds the key to our freedom, opulence and ultimate joy through self-love, self-appreciation, self-acceptance and self-respect.

Wherever you find yourself today, I want you to know that your thrive is one decision away.

My credentials include Honours in Psychology, Certified Life Coaching, and Pranic Psychotherapist.
Want to know what I value more than all of these?

My deep love for humanity and my unshakable belief in YOUR magnificence.

Here's the program Lowdown:

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