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Unleashed through Love is for the woman who knows that even though she’s achieving more than most, her life is NOT all that it’s meant to be. 


The woman who has started waking up, looking around, questioning, and has this feeling of unease as what she was raised to believe, is no longer feeling true.  Hell, if you’re honest, there’s always been a niggle.

The woman who has a deep desire to BE the change our world needs - the change of love, and truth and a raising of standards back to excellence.

The woman who has a purpose and she feels frustrated by the band which seems to be holding her back showing up as lack of inspired action, procrastination, a myriad of strategies, overwhelm, a craving for romance, true intimacy and her Supreme Masculine that is her equal, therefor strong enough to hold the space for her to release and submit and RECEIVE!

The woman who is done doing it alone and yet, she never feels like she belongs anywhere. It’s because you don’t Hon, you don’t belong with the ‘tribes’, the ‘cults’ and the ‘sisterhoods’.

It’s time for you to come home.

This body of work is not about getting your dream job, starting your Soul Business, or calling in your king although that's some of the resulting outcomes participants have received.

It’s about unleashing You from the constraints caused by years of social conditioning that has you bound in fear, lack and indiscretion, 

preventing You from showing up in the world unapologetically,

fully valuing Yourself and Your desires,

and creating the Empire of Positive Impact You KNOW You were born to build in harmony with Your One.

This journey is NOT like anything else you've ever encountered.

It’s time to debunk the myth of the Alpha Female as a ball-busting bitch who destroys all around her in a quest for supremacy and worth, 

by forming a society of TRUE Alpha Females who require no destruction or shouting to stand out, but who brings back grace to our world as Ladies who KNOW their worth, who walk proudly with integrity and certainty, healing themselves and all who have the good fortune to be around them, as their vibration sets the tone for their environment:

the vibration of love, truth, excellence, intimacy and opulence.

Choosing to be an Alpha Female IS a life-time commitment to do the work required every single day to keep our vibration clear of fear, and high in love.

It’s a commitment to being part of a society of Alphas globally, and yes, this takes no small amount of courage Darling, as it feels intimidating AF especially in the beginning, and you continue to be inspired to bring your next best level, not from a space of competition, but from a deep appreciation for your pack, a deep respect for every individual, and unconditional love for All.

It’s a commitment to break the wonky foundation which you’ve built your entire life on up to this point.  A foundation built in fear of abandonment and rejection, fear of failure, fear of scarcity, fear of being too much, fear of not being enough, fear of being overwhelmed by emotions, fear of being struck by lightning, fear of never waking up with a sense of joy and pride and satisfaction.  

This does not happen by talking about it and when you first break it all up, it feels as though your entire world is falling apart around you. 

It’s messy.

It’s scary.

It’s slightly insane!

It doesn’t happen whilst feeling ‘good’, or being obsessed with results, or giving a damn about appearances.  

Which is why MOST will NEVER do this work.  

Especially NOT high achieving women who consider themselves alphas, yet still feels like an imposter, still takes one course after another, still clings to her mile long strategy and list, still hangs her head in shame when she looks in the mirror.

I’m not saying this to be cruel Darling,

I say this because I actually give a damn.

You’re NOT going to do this work on your own,

You’re NOT going to sustain this frequency on your own,

So stop living a lie which has you feeling like a constant fraud and failure.

Ultimately my passion for a thrive evolution of True Alpha Females is greater than any ego and I will mercilessly reveal all the little devils that has you hunker down so that You can transmute them into Power one by one and Never again go back to average anything.

Unleashed through Love is a 3 phase journey which builds you from the ground up.

Phase 1 
The Foundation

For you to create a life of thrive, your foundation requires an overhaul. 

I’m referring to Your Spiritual, Mental and Physical Well-Being as this sets the stage for your Emotional Well-Being.  

I’m going to give you the sledgehammer to break it all wide open for deep introspection and the unearthing of your Soul knowing, from which to start building your Empire on Truth!

Phase 2 
Transmuting Fear into Power:  The Alpha Female Archetype

One by one, we pull back the veil on the four sub-archetypes revealing how the fear aka shadow archetypes are currently creating your life experience.

Of course, awareness is only the first step in transformation and I’m going ALL IN!

I’m going to Speak the frequency of Fear in a way that has chills running down your spine, feeling those nails scraping on a chalk board, and you will recognise without a shadow of doubt the lies when you hear them in your everyday life.  

Next I’ll Speak the frequency of Truth, allowing the cells in your body to Feel the Vibration which will bring a new level of excitement and intensity from which to create new outcomes.

With the activation of each sub-archetype you will experience immediate shifts in your life so be ready for some roughs and tumbles whilst finding your new state of equilibrium

Phase 3 
The Dance of the Supreme Masculine and Feminine

Oh yes Darling, we dance.

Literally and figuratively.

We fuse it all together with an understanding of the intricate, sensual and oh so delightful dance of the masculine and feminine energies at work in the creation process.

I share with you the design flow that unlocks EVERYTHING in EVERY area of your life and for the first time you will be in a position to Receive instead of the endless fucking Push you’ve been taugth to do up till now.


Unleashed through Love is NOT for the woman who wants a colour by number workbook.  It’s not for the woman who wants to spend some money and then feel better about her life because she can tell everyone she’s signed up for it.  

Oh no no no Sugar. 

You’re going to be required to DO THE WORK, to put in the TIME, to cry the tears, to sever the bands and to lose your excuses.

You will be expected to show up with honour, raw and real and ugly as it gets at times, and to hold this space for your Alpha Sisters.

Understand that this is the most challenging work of your life!  

It’s about moving THROUGH the fears before which you have cowered till now,  to connect to your power.  

There’s no place left to hide so you might as well get comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable.

Still here?

Best of all - well, in my not so humble opinion anyway - you become part of My Inner Pack with Lifetime Access to the Private Facebook Group where All will gather from this point forward.

That means BEYOND the 3 months.

You get to be supported by previous participants who have deep compassion for your journey and full belief in the outcome AND

You get to support future participants from a space of deep compassion for their journey and full belief in the outcome.

Plus - oh do I even tell you about it?

I have arranged two bonus calls with My Alpha Gentleman, My Lord, My One to share with you the inner workings of a man who has chosen to be a true Gentleman.  You get to FEEL his frequency and as stated by a previous participant - “Mark’s tone… like pitch is making my ears vibrate and I have freaking chills”

Yip, that’s My GentleMan!

And for those who have a significant other, we will add the additional bonus call where you get to bring your partner and we share what it means to be an Alpha Couple.

Unleashed through Love is held as an exclusive group with an absolute maximum of ten participants as every single woman also receives 3 private calls with me.  That’s because it is crucial for you to be met where YOU’re at to ensure that You receive the transformation You’re decree.

If you’re committed to a life of excellence For Yourself,

If you’re committed to bringing generational healing to your lineage,

If you're committed to your Purpose,

It will be my honour and privilege to guide you in Unleashing Your Alpha Through Love.

Next Group - September 2020

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