guiding Alpha Females to liberate themselves through Truth, activating the Alpha Female Frequency of Love, and walk the path of their true purpose since 2007.

Mine is the playground of the freaks, disruptors, creatives, eccentrics, artists, story-tellers, those who not only SAY they were born to lead, but who plunder in dark forests where no footprints lie before them

Who you are at your core, is magnificence in human form.

 I believe this with every fibre of my being and it is my mission to hold up the mirror so you can see past your bullshit programming, reconnecting to your Master-Heart and start showing up unapologetically YOU.

It is my joy and privilege to guide high achieving women to connect to their Alpha Energy.

This is a precise tone created through the harmonious integration of four vibrations as found in specific archetypes or energy patterns.

By connecting to the FEELING of the sovereign embodiment of each pattern, we unlock your exclusive blueprint for an extraordinary life of unapologetic self-expression, grand visions, resilience and magic.

This work is NOT for the faint of heart - it takes courage and commitment as you will be required to sacrifice all that is NOT in pure resonance of your Alpha frequency with truth and love.

We form a surgical team where I shine the light upon your shadow lies, and it will be up to you to take the scalpel and alchemise that which has you playing at a level beneath SUPREME - your new minimum standard.

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